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  • Survival Frog Dec 8, 2017

    How to Survive a FEMA Occupation

    <h1>How to Survive a FEMA Occupation</h1>

    You’ve worked hard and spent a lot of money in preparing for a SHTF situation, but what if it were all suddenly taken away by the government so they could give it to the unprepared masses? It’s an infuriating and completely unfair situation to think about, but it could happen. A lot of preppers are… Read More

  • Survival Frog Apr 5, 2017

    Prepping All Across America

    <h1>Prepping All Across America</h1>

    All across America, more and more people are taking steps to prepare for the apocalypse. For years, terms like “prepper” and “survivalist” have evoked an image of a deranged conspiracy theorist (complete with tinfoil cap) in the minds of the average citizen. But now it appears that prepping is set to go mainstream. Is this… Read More

  • Survival Frog Apr 3, 2017

    17 Futuristic Weapons You’ve Got to See to Believe

    <h1>17 Futuristic Weapons You’ve Got to See to Believe</h1>

    Even though I’m a fan of “old-school” weapons, I have grown to appreciate some of the futuristic weapons that are around today. Even in times of peace, militaries all over the world are working on some pretty impressive weaponry. And while it’s frightening to think of these weapons ever being used against us, I’d be… Read More

  • Survival Frog Dec 22, 2016

    Are You Living In A Free State? (All 50 Ranked)

    <h1>Are You Living In A Free State? (All 50 Ranked)</h1>

    I have to ask you a question…are you sure you’re living in a free state? Now don’t get me wrong – I firmly believe we are blessed to live in the United States of America, where we are free to express our thoughts, make our own decisions and even celebrate holidays (like this one today)…. Read More

  • Survival Frog Oct 13, 2016

    Creepy Ways The Government Can Keep Tabs On You

    <h1>Creepy Ways The Government Can Keep Tabs On You</h1>

    Many people have fallen into the comfortable and convenient belief that the government doesn’t keep tabs on you. I mean, it makes sense; we go about our daily lives, using our smart phones, laptops, work computers, tablets and other digital devices and don’t think twice about it. However, many people are going to be shocked… Read More

  • Survival Frog Sep 7, 2016

    6 Simple Steps to Survive Martial Law

    <h1>6 Simple Steps to Survive Martial Law</h1>

    We all know that the United States has been in a constant state of panic letely; from natural disasters, to terrorist attacks to the threats of this political election, it’s clear that (unless something crazy happens) we’re soon going to need to survive martial law. Sure, this sounds like an extreme measure…but it isn’t unlikely…. Read More

  • Survival Frog May 7, 2016

    Easy Steps To Make Soap For Survival

    <h1>Easy Steps To Make Soap For Survival</h1>

    Well, the government is at it again (and, of course, not in a good way) – they’re attempting to make it extremely hard for preppers to make soap for survival. Homemade soap is a wonderful thing; it contains natural ingredients, often smells better than store-bought soaps and comes without the hefty price tag. However, big corporations are… Read More

  • Survival Frog Apr 8, 2016

    3 Signs An Economic Collapse Is Close

    <h1>3 Signs An Economic Collapse Is Close</h1>

    One of the hardest things for us preppers to do is to warn our unbelieving friends and family of the signs an economic collapse is close. It has become abundantly clear that this is merely a foregone conclusion at this point – the dollar has been steadily losing value, more and more jobs are being outsourced to foreigners… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jul 14, 2015

    Veteran Could Be Arrested For Off The Grid Living

    <h1>Veteran Could Be Arrested For Off The Grid Living</h1>

    Off The Grid Living at Risk This story is insane. Tyler Truitt bought land and then put a home on it. The city he lives in it doesn’t matter if he owns his land, he can’t do what he wants with it. Trying to live off the grid is a huge no-no in their eyes. Truth… Read More