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  • Survival Frog Feb 6, 2017

    10 Amazing DIY Native American Survival Shelters

    <h1>10 Amazing DIY Native American Survival Shelters</h1>

    Preppers have been building survival shelters for a long time; heck, many of us learned how to build a shelter in our days as a Boy Scout. However, survival shelters have  been around for centuries. In fact, the Native Americans are famous for their survival shelters, such as the tipi and the wigwam. And although we’ve… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jun 28, 2016

    How To Get Water From A Tree

    <h1>How To Get Water From A Tree</h1>

    Most preppers have learned how to get water in a survival situation. This plan often involves collecting it from a nearby stream or lake, and then boiling it to make it drinkable. Now don’t get me wrong – that’s a fantastic way to get water. And it’s quite effective. However, what if I told you it… Read More

  • Survival Frog May 16, 2016

    15 Crazy Awesome Uses For Dental Floss

    <h1>15 Crazy Awesome Uses For Dental Floss</h1>

    So here’s an interesting thought – what if there were some crazy and awesome uses for dental floss…besides just for keeping your gums healthy? I say there is – and I’m about to share all this glorious wisdom with you. I’m about to prove to you that not only can dental floss help keep your teeth clean and… Read More

  • Survival Frog Feb 29, 2016

    8 Strange Survival Uses for Velcro

    <h1>8 Strange Survival Uses for Velcro</h1>

    I’ll bet you didn’t realize velcro was something you’d want to keep on hand in a survival situation. It’s actually really, really useful, that’s why most military uniforms rely on velcro over buttons. The good news is you can use in in your prepping pursuits for quite cheap. If you’ve got a sewing kit then you… Read More

  • David Adams Jan 29, 2015

    100 Uses For Paracord Checklist!

    <h1>100 Uses For Paracord Checklist!</h1>

      Paracord was popularized for its use in parachute riggings for military airborne units. Hence the name paracord, for parachute cord. You’ll also hear paracord referred to as 550 cord. That’s because each stand is able to hold 550 pounds before it breaks. More importantly paracord is made of a woven nylon sheath and contains… Read More

  • Survival Frog Nov 4, 2014

    101 Survival Uses for Paracord Uses PLUS Paracord video

    <h1>101 Survival Uses for Paracord Uses PLUS Paracord video</h1>

    All You Need to Know about Paracord   Ever wanted to know what amazing things you can do with Paracord? Well wonder no longer. Featured below is a video showing you the basics of this amazing survival tool. It’ll show you how to treat it, release the inner strands, and more. And then below that we’ve… Read More