17 Futuristic Weapons You’ve Got to See to Believe

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Even though I’m a fan of “old-school” weapons, I have grown to appreciate some of the futuristic weapons that are around today.

Even in times of peace, militaries all over the world are working on some pretty impressive weaponry.

And while it’s frightening to think of these weapons ever being used against us, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t like to try out a few of these bad boys.

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading up on these new hi-tech guns and gadgets. Here are the 17 that really caught my eye while researching.

17 Futuristic Weapons You’ve Got to See to Believe

1 – Gauss Rifle

The Gauss rifle (also sometimes referred to as a Coil gun) was actually first developed way back in 1904.

The gun is made of one or more coils that are energized in a precise sequence in order to launch a projectile. Unlike other weapons on this list, it would not be surprising to see a Gauss rifle on display at a science fair, as it is possible to build a (nonlethal) version of this rifle yourself.

This futuristic weapon has the potential to exceed railgun firing speeds.

2 – FN P90

The FN P90 is a strange looking compact assault rifle that many people probably recognize from popular video games.

But unlike a lot of video game weapons, the FN 90 is actually real. This gun has an insane rate of fire and is commonly used by counter-terrorist forces and the US Secret Service.

3 – H&K MP7

The MP7 was designed to blast through body armor and looks like the sort of weapon you’d see carried by Stormtroopers.

4 – Bushmaster ACR

futuristic weapons blog

Designed by engineers at Magpul Industries, the Bushmaster ACR features a free-floating barrel that can be removed without needing to use tools.

5 – XM 8

The XM 8 was created as part of a joint venture between the US military and Heckler & Koch to replace the old M16 rifle.

6 – SIG556 Patrol

Even with a 16-inch barrel, the SIG556 Patrol is still maneuverable in confined spaces thanks to its folding stock.

The SIG556 is well-known for performing in adverse conditions, and the Patrol variant maintains this level of performance while also being extremely light.

7 – Kel-Tec RFB

The RFB has the distinction of being the first fully ambidextrous 7.62 NATO Bullpup ever developed.

8 – H&K MR556A1

While the MR556A1 is based on the AR platform, it features a different short-stroke gas piston system that makes the gun run cooler and cleaner.

9 –  DS Arms SA58 Mini OSW

The SA58 Mini OSW is DS Arms’ take on the FAL design with options that include a rail top cover for optics and an SAW-style pistol grip for increased comfort and control.

10 – MasterPiece Arms MPAR556

The MPAR556 looks similar to an AR (it’s even compatible with AR magazines), but the two are vastly different.

11 – IWI Tavor SAR

The Tavor SAW combines modern engineering with cutting-edge design in a compact package.

The IDF variant even comes with a hi-tech Mepro 21 day/night reflex sight.

12 – FN FS2000 Tactical

The FS2000 Tactical is both compact and reliable and features a modular design that enables continuous upgrades.

13 – DPMS GII Recon

The GII Recon promises to put less weight and more power in your hands while remaining as battle ready as the original .308 Recon.

14 –  CornerShot

The CornerShot is actually a weapon accessory, but I think you’ll agree that it’s cool enough to belong on this list.

Similar to the periscope rifle, the CornerShot allows its operator to see and attack a target while remaining behind cover. The CornerShot comes in three variations: grenade launcher, compact assault rifle, and handgun.

15 – Neos

The design of the Neos was based on science fiction movies from the 1930s, so it’s no surprise that this gun has a futuristic feel to it.

Beyond the great design, it’s simply a great gun for self-defense.

16 – Beretta ARX100

Complete disassembly of the ARX100 takes seconds and requires no tools at all. The ARX100 also features replaceable barrels and fully ambidextrous controls.

17 – XM-25

In addition to its futuristic design, the XM-25 used programmable airburst ammo that could explode beside hidden targets.

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