Are You Living In A Free State? (All 50 Ranked)

free stateI have to ask you a question…are you sure you’re living in a free state?

Now don’t get me wrong – I firmly believe we are blessed to live in the United States of America, where we are free to express our thoughts, make our own decisions and even celebrate holidays (like this one today).

Few people and few countries have the same freedoms and luxuries that we do as Americans.

However, out of an immense love for my country, I am here to report that nothing is perfect; even though the United States has many freedoms we know and love, it has become apparent to me that our nation’s states are extremely divided  in terms of the freedoms they have been allowed.

And by “freedoms,” I’m specifically referring to the freedoms of off-grid living.

Believe it or not, not every state is treated equally when it comes to off-grid living; in fact, some states are way more free than others.

Thankfully, America is a democracy, and as such our nation’s people (meaning you and I) have the power to overcome these shortcomings and to pursue even more freedoms in the future.

To show you what I mean, I’ve included a list (below) of all 50 states, categorized by their freedoms and general friendliness (or lack thereof) toward off-grid living.

Based on a report from the Cato Institute, this list you’re about to read has been created by examining a multitude of factors, such as tax laws, educational freedom, gun laws, and government regulation, in order to help determine which states allow their citizens the most freedom when it comes to true off-grid living.

Now keep in mind this list is by no means meant to degrade America; in fact, it’s a list meant to inspire those in less “free” states to work harder to promote change so that we can all enjoy the off-grid living freedoms that every one of us will want and need in an SHTF situation.

I’m about to help you understand which states are the most free when it comes to off-grid living (aka the “top 10”), and which states need a bit more help in getting these freedoms to become a reality for their citizens.

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Are You Living In A Free State? (All 50 Ranked)

1 – New Hampshire

2 – Alaska

3 – Oklahoma

4 – Indiana

5 – South Dakota

6 – Tennessee

7 – Idaho

8 – Florida

9 – Iowa

10 – Arizona

11 – Colorado

12 – Nevada

13 – North Dakota

14 – Wyoming

15 – South Carolina

16 – Kansas

17 – Montana

18 – Missouri

19 – North Carolina

20 – Utah

21 – Virginia

22 – Georgia

23 – Alabama

24 – Michigan

25 – Nebraska

26 – Pennsylvania

27 – Wisconsin

28 – Texas

29 – Arkansas

30 – New Mexico

31 – Delaware

32 – Washington

33 – Massachusetts

34 – Louisiana

35  – Ohio

36 – Mississippi

37 – Oregon

38 – Minnesota

39 – West Virginia

40 – Vermont

41 – Kentucky

42 – Maine

43 – Rhode Island

44 – Illinois

45 – Connecticut

46 – Maryland

47 – New Jersey

48 – Hawaii

49 – California

50 – New York

Well there you have it – our nation’s 50 states, ranked on their freedoms for off-grid living.

As I said in the beginning of this article, we Americans are incredibly blessed to have the freedoms that we all enjoy here in the U.S. After all, ours truly is the greatest nation in the world.

And even though this political election has caused a deep division in our nation, I believe that we all must come together – as the “United” States were originally meant to do – in order to fight for our freedoms to bug out and live off-grid…especially in an emergency situation.

One way we can fight for our freedom is to band together with others living in a “less-free” state, and begin contacting our state house representatives/state senators.

Note: Before this can be done, make sure you understand the history of the laws, and who’s been involved with its changes first. This will give you an idea of which people need to be onboard, which changes have been made in the past, and how you can make things different moving forward.

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