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  • Survival Frog Apr 8, 2020

    Slow the Spread: DIY Cloth Face Masks

    As the coronavirus makes its way across our country, there are steps we should take to help slow the spread and flatten the curve. While we should all be actively practicing social distancing, which means keeping at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and another individual, this isn’t always possible.  Because of this, the CDC recommends wearing a cloth face cover when out in… Read More

  • David Adams Feb 2, 2018

    The Best Tips for Surviving a Worldwide Pandemic

    <h1>The Best Tips for Surviving a Worldwide Pandemic</h1>

    There are few things that can kill as many people as a worldwide pandemic. The last major pandemic was the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918 that killed 50 million people. The scary thing is that the larger the population, the easier the pandemic can spread and infect people, which applies to most of us who… Read More

  • Survival Frog Mar 22, 2017

    9 Deadly Diseases That Spread After a Crisis

    <h1>9 Deadly Diseases That Spread After a Crisis</h1>

    In the early 1330s, a deadly disease began to spread in Asia.  The sickness killed people with such terrifying speed that one observer wrote it was as if victims “…ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise.” Even more frightening was how rapidly the disease seemed to jump from one person… Read More

  • Survival Frog Mar 10, 2017

    How to Survive a Violent Protest or Riot

    <h1>How to Survive a Violent Protest or Riot</h1>

    Sad to say, but recent changes in our country have made it necessary for people to learn how to survive the chaos of a violent protest. Now, I firmly believe in every citizen’s right to protest and peacefully assemble, but the key word there is peacefully.  Most of the protests occurring these days are more… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jan 21, 2017

    How To Survive Civil Unrest, Looters & Riots When SHTF

    <h1>How To Survive Civil Unrest, Looters & Riots When SHTF</h1>

    If the last few years’ riots and protests have taught us anything, it’s that we MUST know how to survive civil unrest, looters, and riots once SHTF. You think the recent political protests and Ferguson riots were bad? Once a major nationwide (or worldwide) crisis occurs, these events are going to seem like a walk in… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jul 25, 2016

    The Best Books For Preppers

    <h1>The Best Books For Preppers</h1>

    Does anyone even know the best books for preppers anymore? I mean, I know it’s 2016, but “real” books are becoming non-existent – everything nowadays is on a tablet or Kindle and reading in general is going down the tubes. However, to those of us that know better, prepping books provide a wealth of knowledge, educating… Read More

  • David Adams Oct 8, 2014

    How To Survive An Ebola Outbreak

    <h1>How To Survive An Ebola Outbreak</h1>

    You Must Prepare for a Future Ebola Outbreak NOW! With Ebola confirmed in the U.S., some are finally waking up to the potential problem this disease can pose. Formerly a Third World problem, the First World is a little shaken with panic as this disease makes its way into our country.   If we are to come face… Read More