The Best Tips for Surviving a Worldwide Pandemic

There are few things that can kill as many people as a worldwide pandemic. The last major pandemic was the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918 that killed 50 million people.

The scary thing is that the larger the population, the easier the pandemic can spread and infect people, which applies to most of us who live in the city.

During the Spanish flu of 1918 the world population was only 1.8 billion. Compare that to today’s population of 7.6 billion and you can see why a pandemic today would be much more devastating.

To make matters worse, bacteria and viruses have become resistant to all the antiviral and antibiotic medications we take and do not respond to traditional treatments.

These “superbugs” will be nearly unstoppable during an outbreak.

As individuals, we can’t stop an outbreak from starting. However, we can prepare ourselves so that we have a better chance of surviving an outbreak.

This blog post will give you the best tips for surviving a worldwide pandemic.

Watch For News on Diseases and Viruses

By the time you hear about a new bacterial or viral outbreak, hundreds or maybe even thousands of people will have already been infected.

That’s why you need to get as much information as you can as early as possible to give yourself more time to act. The faster you act, the less likely you’ll be to get infected.

Major news stations will report on any outbreak that looks like it could grow, but you can get information on unreported outbreaks from the Center for Disease Control’s website here.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stay Home at the First Sign of an Outbreak

When an outbreak starts, you’ll probably be skeptical that it will become serious and will want to continue your daily routine.

But if you really want to stay safe from a pandemic, then you need to stop your daily routine and stay indoors. That means calling in to work and canceling other obligations.

If the outbreak is making the news, then people will understand your need to stay home if you tell them you’re sick. I know this might seem a bit extreme, but staying isolated from others is the best thing you can do to stay safe.

Make Your Home as Germ-Proof as Possible

You might think your home is fairly safe from disease already, but it’s not. That’s because there’s still a lot of airflow even if your doors and windows are closed that lets in bacteria and viruses.

You can easily and cheaply seal these openings with a layer of plastic wrap and heavy-duty tape. Bonus points if you use anti-microbial plastic wrap instead of regular.

Place plastic wrap completely over your windows and window frames, and then securely tape down all the sides.

Do this to all the doors in your house except for the one you’re going to use to enter and exit.

Safely Help an Infected Family Member Recover

Assuming the hospitals are inundated with the sick, you’re in a tough spot if a family member gets sick during an outbreak. You have to help your family member, but you also can’t afford to get infected yourself.

Don’t worry, there’s a safe way to care for them while minimizing your personal risk.

First, you should already have the following items stocked:

Put these on and wear them every time you get close to your infected family member.

Now you need to create a makeshift sick room. This sick room is where your infected family member will stay while they recover.

Only two people should ever go into the sick room: your infected family member and you while you’re wearing protective gear.

Don’t worry, this sick room isn’t inhumane or cruel. They will have all the care and attention they need to recover; they just need to be isolated from the others in the meantime.

To help promote healing and kill airborne pathogens naturally, you might want to use an essential oil diffuser. Read more about essential oils here.


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