How To Survive An Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Outbreak 2014 Survival

You Must Prepare for a Future Ebola Outbreak NOW!

With Ebola confirmed in the U.S., some are finally waking up to the potential problem this disease can pose. Formerly a Third World problem, the First World is a little shaken with panic as this disease makes its way into our country.


If we are to come face to face with this killer we should try to be as ready as possible.





Cleanliness is next to Godliness and in this case it is divinely important to stay as clean as possible. Ebola is a virus, similar to those that go around every flu season. Take the same precautions you are supposed to take during flu season and you will reduce your risk.


Alcohol or bleach wipes to clean surfaces and a good alcohol based hand sanitizer are recommended. Personal hygiene is also very important, along with keeping all cuts and abrasions clean and covered.


The better you take care of yourself the safer you will be.



Seek professional help


Most of the time the simplest answer is the best answer, and in this case that may hold true. If you or someone in your family is showing symptoms, get to the emergency room for evaluation by medical professionals.


Until there is a breakdown in our medical system because of too many cases, that system remains your best chance of survival if you have contracted the virus. Don’t be afraid to use it.


If you are of the mind that this may turn into a national emergency, you may wish to speak with your family doctor now before hand. You will want to discuss your own personal needs if something should happen, along with possibly getting some anti-viral meds.



Avoid People


The anti-social part of me wants to do this all the time anyway, but many of us need to work. If you live in an outbreak area, seriously consider isolating yourself. Parents in Dallas are pulling children from schools to keep them away from potential contamination.


If you can afford to not work for a while, it will probably be a good idea to keep contact with others at a minimum. If you need to go out, try to avoid contact with anything that others may have touched; in other words use your head.



Boost your immune system


Your body is bombarded with viruses on a daily basis. When a virus hits your body, there is no guarantee that it will enter it. Even if it enters your body, your immune system may fight it off. So, even if you are exposed, it is not a certainty that you will come down with the disease.


One thing you can do to fight back if you are exposed is to boost your immune system. You can do this by supplementing with herbs like garlic, turmeric, ginger, elderberry products, or any other immunity boosting natural products.


Now is the time to start eating healthier. Junk food and any sugar lowers your immune system response, so if you eat healthy you are helping your body to fight off the bugs it encounters.



Be prepared


Get your plan in order now. Decide what survival supplies you need to lay in and get them before you need them.


Medical supplies like gloves, masks and eye protection. Plastic sheeting if you have to handle bodies, along with bleach, soap and alcohol for cleaning and sterilization.


These are in addition to your basic supplies that will allow you to survive in your home for a few weeks. You will need a secure supply of clean potable water along with ample food supplies.


Don’t skimp on your security. In the case of a wide spread medical emergency, people will be in panic mode, and people in panic mode are not rational. You may need to defend your family and your home.


Ebola is certainly the boogeyman of the hour since it is making daily headlines. If it starts spreading in this country, you may have to make some hard decisions. Avoidance seems to be the best course of action.


Ebola is very deadly but if you are careful and take the proper precautions you should be able to avoid the worst of it.


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How To Survive An Ebola Outbreak

  1. Diana Becker Mullins

    This seems like a scare tactic to sell your products. Have not heard anything recently
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