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  • David Adams Jun 10, 2014

    35 “Must Have” Items For Your Emergency Car Kit

    <h1>35 “Must Have” Items For Your Emergency Car Kit</h1>

    Do You Have an Emergency Car Kit, a.k.a Vehicle Bug Out Bag? You never know when you might find yourself stranded in your car, and are unable to obtain necessary supplies. For this reason, you should plan on having a vehicle emergency kit, or “bug out bag”, in your car as well. Here are a few… Read More

  • David Adams May 27, 2014

    4 Essential Home Remedies

    <h1>4 Essential Home Remedies</h1>

    Chances are you have a pantry or closet stocked with health and medical items like Band-Aids, vitamins, cold medicine and other miscellaneous supplies, but are you stocked up on good old home remedies? Having these items on-hand is beneficial when you need them, but what if you were unable to replenish your supply due to… Read More

  • David Adams May 8, 2014

    How to Store, Purify, and Decontaminate Your Survival Water Supply

    <h1>How to Store, Purify, and Decontaminate Your Survival Water Supply</h1>

    Water is essential to your body’s well-being and, during times of civil unrest or natural disaster, surviving without water is near-impossible. Advanced water purification and storage could mean the difference between life and death, but why is this simple beverage so critical to your survival?   The Live Saving Benefits of Water Water may seem… Read More

  • David Adams Apr 30, 2014

    13 Critical Items For Your Car Survival Kit

    <h1>13 Critical Items For Your Car Survival Kit</h1>

    Everyone who owns or drives a car should have a car survival kit in their vehicle at all times. Even if you are planning a short drive, it is critical to always be prepared with your car survival kit in case of an accident or emergency. So, what are the must-have items every car emergency… Read More

  • David Adams Apr 18, 2014

    5 Easy Steps For Emergency Preparedness

    <h1>5 Easy Steps For Emergency Preparedness</h1>

    In the event of an unexpected disaster, you should equip yourself for surviving with advanced emergency preparedness strategies. If you’re not preparing for the worst, your safety and life could be at risk. A survival checklist and advanced preparation are critical in ensuring your survival and, with a few easy steps, you can make the… Read More

  • David Adams Mar 22, 2014

    How To Get Started With Prepping

    <h1>How To Get Started With Prepping</h1>

    It seems that more and more people would like to know how to get started prepping these days. Many people are intimidated by the process, and believe that you need to have a great deal of time or money to devote to prepping before it can be effective. That’s not necessarily the case, as there… Read More

  • David Adams Mar 21, 2014

    Disaster Supply Checklist for Heat, Light and Cooking

    <h1>Disaster Supply Checklist for Heat, Light and Cooking</h1>

    A disaster can easily strike at any time, leaving you without an energy supply for heat, light and cooking. Here are some things you should have on hand ahead of time that will ensure you are prepared for any situation that arises. Heat The exact method you use for heating your home can depend on… Read More

  • David Adams Mar 18, 2014

    3 Crucial Prepping Tips

    <h1>3 Crucial Prepping Tips</h1>

    Not too sure what you need in order to consider yourself “prepped” for whatever may happen next? A lot of people are confused about what they will need to survive. These prepping tips are here just for that reason! There are many things you will want to stock up on when prepping. What most people… Read More

  • David Adams Mar 12, 2014

    Collecting Survival Resources

    <h1>Collecting Survival Resources</h1>

    Collecting the right survival resources is going to be the most important aspect of preparing for your family’s safety when a real catastrophe occurs. It could be a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or flood, or something direr like the zombie apocalypse, but no matter what, these items will be crucial to your safety…. Read More

  • David Adams Mar 10, 2014

    How To Survive A Power Grid Shut Down

    <h1>How To Survive A Power Grid Shut Down</h1>

    Perhaps one of the biggest catastrophes waiting to happen in the United States is a power grid shut down. These are known to happen fairly often, especially during summers in the Midwest or immediately after natural disasters. Don’t worry though – we’ve compiled a short list of backup energy sources to consider before a power… Read More

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