Collecting Survival Resources

Collecting the right survival resources is going to be the most important aspect of preparing for your family’s safety when a real catastrophe occurs.

It could be a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or flood, or something direr like the zombie apocalypse, but no matter what, these items will be crucial to your safety.

What are Some Essential Survival Resources?

Ready to eat meals are one of the first things you will store away with your survival cache. You should stock at least a one year supply of these.

Along with these, you will need a year’s supply of water bottles. Store other foods as well, such as non-perishables and foods that have long shelf lives. They should provide plenty of nutrients and not contain too much salt.

Some foods you could consider keeping in your survival resources are:

-Canned vegetables, soups, or fruits
-Peanut Butter
-Dried beans or peas
-Dried milk
-Juice boxes

Another important aspect of preparing your survival resources is preparing a portable shelter. This is because you may not be able to stay in your home after a disaster event occurs.

Buy a tent that you can store away until you need to use it. Ensure it is big enough for your family to sleep comfortably inside if need be. Store away tarps that can be used to cover the tent if it is raining. This could be crucial to your family’s safety.

Something else important for your safety will be the tools you have on hand! These would be things like an ax for cutting wood, matches for starting a fire, pain relievers in case of injury, and of course a first aid kit.

The kit will have whatever you need if someone gets hurt. The first aid kit should have band-aids, gauze, medical tape, scissors, antiseptic and other medical tools.

Don’t forget to store a small bag of extra clothes for each member of your family. You will need pants, shirt, underwear, socks, and shoes!

Here is a list of other items you may want to consider storing in your survival resources for your family’s health and safety:

-Swiss Army Knife
-Camping soap
-Paper towels
-Bug Spray
– Two-way radio
-Water purifying tablets
-Duct Tape
-Ice Packs
-Candles and a lighter

Where Should I Store Survival Resources?

Your survival resources will need to be stored in a clean, dry area. If you have a crawl space in your home, this would be a great spot to keep your supplies.

Use big plastic bins to store food as well as other survival resources we will discuss in the next section. The bigger the storage space, the better.


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