3 Crucial Prepping Tips

Prepper Tips

Not too sure what you need in order to consider yourself “prepped” for whatever may happen next? A lot of people are confused about what they will need to survive. These prepping tips are here just for that reason!

There are many things you will want to stock up on when prepping. What most people don’t think about when prepping are their pets! You family pets are important too and need to be cared for and loved in the event of a disaster or emergency event. One way to do this is to buy very large bags of your pet’s preferred dry food that you can store away for long periods of time.

Of course, you need to be thinking of your children when prepping as well! Store away baby cereals, dry baby foods, and anything else your child may prefer to eat. Store some toys in plastic bags so they don’t become dusty in your survival storage. Keep an extra box of diapers and baby wipes with these as well. Diapers can even be used to stop bleeding if a wound occurs during an emergency!

What else could you possibly need, you ask?

Let’s take a look:

Double your efforts to look for foods you can store and use in an emergency. Buy many cans of beans, peas, minced meat and vegetable soup. Other good foods to keep are dehydrated foods, powdered milk, crackers, and peanut butter.  Make sure to go through your stash regularly and get rid of expired items.

What about communication? How will you know what’s going on? Well, a handy tool would be a powerful radio and charger to go with it. You could also buy a battery powered radio and have extra batteries stored with it.

Collect silver and gold coins. You will need these for bartering and trading if the time comes. Ask family and friends if they have silver or gold coins they are willing to donate to your survival cache. If you have any old gold jewelry you do not need any longer, you can have it melted down into bars that can also be used for trade.

These prepping tips are going to get you started! Be ready, and be safe.




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