How to Store, Purify, and Decontaminate Your Survival Water Supply

How to Store, Purify, and Decontaminate Your Survival Water Supply

Water is essential to your body’s well-being and, during times of civil unrest or natural disaster, surviving without water is near-impossible. Advanced water purification and storage could mean the difference between life and death, but why is this simple beverage so critical to your survival?


The Live Saving Benefits of Water

Water may seem like an afterthought to some, however, the functions of this wonder-beverage are numerous. Drinking water can help to control calories, aid in the digestion process (including the transportation and absorption of nutrients), assist with alleviating muscle fatigue, ensure proper hydration of your skin, maintain bowel function and help your kidneys process toxins.

There are myriad reasons why drinking water can benefit your body and well-being. For a simple reminder of how beneficial water can be, just remember, water is life.


Proper Techniques for Water Purification & Storage

If you’re preparing for the unexpected, water is a priority that needs to be at the top of your list. More essential to your body than food, water will ensure your survival in times of emergency.

Do you currently store water, and if so, how much? Where is your water stored? How old is your water? Do you know how to purify your own water if your supply runs low?

These are questions that should be answered before the need arises. Let’s look at some critical steps regarding water storage that will benefit your emergency preparedness efforts:


Safe Water Storage —Typically, water can be stored for up to one year. If you’re consistent about rotating your stock, you’ll ensure that only the freshest water is being consumed. Make sure to note the date on the bottle to help with your rotation efforts. Water should be stored in a cool dark location and never in direct sunlight. You can also store water in your freezer; this will provide another source of water and assist in keeping cold foods cold, in the event you lose power.

Filtration and Purification Options —There are several options for water purification including boiling water, store-bought filtration systems and chemical purification. You can purchase filtration and purification products for home use as well as get portable options for wilderness survival or during times of disaster, natural or otherwise.

“Last Resort” Filtration —There are several methods of water filtration that can work in a pinch but, if possible, you should ensure that you use the best possible methods of purification and filtration to avoid contaminants. Pour-through filtration can be used in an emergency and you can also use a tampon for a crude filtration system.


Ensuring that you have enough water to survive a natural or unnatural disaster will make the difference between life and death. Advanced water preparedness is easy and affordable. With a little bit of research and preparation, you’ll be able to store life-saving, contaminant-free water for you and your family.


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