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  • Survival Frog Jul 17, 2020

    Knife Safety: 7 Tips to Keep You Safe

    <h1>Knife Safety: 7 Tips to Keep You Safe</h1>

    Knives are essential tools to have ready at hand during any outdoors trip, whether you are out camping, bushcrafting or you simply keep one ready to use. Whether you use a survival knife or a  pocket knife, all knives have one thing in common: they are dangerous. Regardless of the type of knife you are… Read More

  • Survival Frog May 13, 2018

    9 Unbelievable Ways to Use Leaves For Survival

    <h1>9 Unbelievable Ways to Use Leaves For Survival</h1>

    You’re probably heard about life hacks, but did you know there are leaf hacks for survival too? It’s true. Sure, fallen leaves can be a little annoying when you have to rake them up from your yard, but they can also make your life much, much easier in a survival situation. 9 Unbelievable Ways to… Read More

  • David Adams Apr 1, 2018

    7 Things You Should Do Before SHTF

    <h1>7 Things You Should Do Before SHTF</h1>

    Preparing for when SHTF is a never-ending process. Even the most prepared people in the world can still improve their survival plans a little bit. Picking up a few new survival skills is always a good idea, and if you do it consistently, you’ll be much more prepared for when a crisis eventually happens. This… Read More

  • David Adams Mar 27, 2018

    Survival Skills You Can Learn Without Leaving Home

    <h1>Survival Skills You Can Learn Without Leaving Home</h1>

    As preppers, there are certain skills we need to know that will help us survive during a crisis…but we need to occasionally practice them to keep them sharp. The problem for some people is that they don’t live near a good outdoor area, like a forest, to practice these skills, or they don’t have time… Read More

  • David Adams Jan 9, 2018

    5 Types of Campfires You Need to Know How to Build

    <h1>5 Types of Campfires You Need to Know How to Build</h1>

    Starting a fire can be difficult. That’s why there are so many tools designed to help you get your fire started and keep it going. It’ll be easier for you to start a fire if you know which type of campfire you should build to suit the conditions you’re in. If you’re struggling to start… Read More

  • Survival Frog Apr 19, 2017

    Why Preppers Shouldn’t Rely On Camouflage

    <h1>Why Preppers Shouldn’t Rely On Camouflage</h1>

    Do you own any camouflage gear? I do. Camouflage patterns are found on so many different products that it’s easy to forget the fact that camo serves a specific purpose. Heck – I’ve seen camo bath towels, camo swimsuits, and even camo skivvies. And I’m pretty sure anybody running around in their underwear isn’t really… Read More

  • Survival Frog Apr 17, 2017

    5 Cool Uses for Your Survival Knife

    <h1>5 Cool Uses for Your Survival Knife</h1>

    A good survival knife is one of the best tools to have on hand during an emergency. Too many people think that someone who chooses to carry a knife outside of the kitchen must be some kind of maniac. They assume that knives must be used as weapons simply because they can be used as… Read More

  • Survival Frog Mar 2, 2017

    How to Use Snare Traps for Survival

    <h1>How to Use Snare Traps for Survival</h1>

    Learning how to hunt for food with snare traps is a very useful survival skill. If you’re reading this, chances are you understand the importance of being prepared for an emergency. But what happens if your plans fall through? Maybe your home is equipped with supplies for when SHTF, but what if you’re forced to… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jan 18, 2017

    14 Cool Wood Ash Uses

    <h1>14 Cool Wood Ash Uses</h1>

    These Cool Wood Ash Uses Are Perfect For Survival Situations If SHTF then everything you used to consider normal will quickly become a luxury. If the power goes out then some of the things you depend on every single day might not work any longer. For instance you’ll no longer be able to use your… Read More

  • Survival Frog Oct 18, 2016

    7 Skills For A Successful Bug Out

    <h1>7 Skills For A Successful Bug Out</h1>

    I was talking with a good friend of mine the other day and he wanted to know if I’d ever posted a blog post regarding what I consider to be the most important bug out skills. I realized I hadn’t, at least not in a long time. And being the good friend he is, my friend… Read More

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