33 Unexpected Places To Hide A Gun

hide a gun

You’re going to need to get crafty when it comes to protecting your assets in a crisis, and that means sure as shootin’ you’re going to have to find some unexpected places to hide a gun.

You can bet in an emergency when push comes to shove, officials are going to be coming onto your property and into your house trying to find and take your firearms.

And even though you can’t necessarily control this in a crisis, there are some things you can control – like if they actually succeed in finding your guns or not.

Note: Guns aren’t the only valuable you need to worry about hiding; read our blog here to learn about where to hide your money, and click here to learn where to hide your survival food (and put up decoys in its place!).

Survival Frog is here to help you with all of your crisis needs – and that includes protecting your firearms. That’s why we want you to consider these…

33 Unexpected Places To Hide A Gun

1 – On The Ceiling Of Your Closet

When people enter a room, they typically look across or down, but rarely up. Grab a magnetic gun holder and stick it to the ceiling of your coat closet, and stick the gun against it.

2 – Behind The Tapestry

If you’ve got a tapestry or large decorative piece of fabric hanging on your wall, this can make an excellent place to hide guns behind.

3 – Under The Couch

Know that loose bit of fabric underneath your couch? The one that so easily starts flapping off? Use this fabric as the storage place for your guns. Use velcro to keep it locked in place.

4 – In The Coat Pocket

Grab a winter coat that has inside pockets (like ones in the liner) and use these to hold your smaller guns. Make sure to place the coat back in the closet with the others to avoid suspicion.

5 – In The Shoebox

Grab an old shoebox and place your guns inside, then place it under the bed.

6 – In The Freezer

Place one of your small guns in a large plastic bag, and hide it underneath the frozen veggies, meat, etc. in your freezer.

7 – In The Tile Floor

Loosen up one of the tiles and place your gun inside. Make sure to place the tile back in a way that it looks like nothing’s changed.

8 – In The Beer Stein

Grab an empty beer stein and hide a gun in there. Place it on a high shelf along with others to avoid suspicion.

9 – In The A/C Vent

Unscrew the A/C vent cover, stick your gun inside, and then screw the cover back on.

10 – In A Large Trophy

Trophies are hollow on the inside, making them the perfect hiding space for a small gun.

11 – Between The Towels

Place a gun in the folds of a large bath towel, and then hide it in the bathroom closet with the rest of the others.

12 – Under The Rug

If you’ve got a large rug, you can either hide it underneath or dig into the floor to hide the gun.

13 – In The Shirt

Hang the gun on a cheap hanger in your bedroom closet, and place a button up shirt over it. Hang it with the rest of your clothes.

14 – In The Cereal Box

Grab an empty cereal box and store the gun inside. Put it back in the cupboard with the other cereal options for safe keeping.

15 – In The Drawer

Install a false bottom in the bedside table by your bed and stick the gun inside it.

16 – In the Suitcase

Stuff your suitcase full of old clothes and hide the gun inside.

17 – Buried In The Yard

Pick a spot in the front or backyard and bury a gun in there – just make sure to remember where you put it.

18 – In The Fake Outlet

Dig some holes in a wall, and place the gun inside. Place a fake electrical outlet cover over the hole.

19 – In The Scanner

Grab an old scanner you don’t care about anymore. Remove the interior and place the gun inside. Close it up and put it in your home office for safe keeping.

20 – In The Fake Electrical Box

Place a fake electrical box outside your home and place a gun inside. Lock it up tight until you need it.

21 – In A Boot

Grab a cowboy boot or a women’s tall boot and stick a gun inside. Put it back in your closet with the rest of the boots to avoid suspicion.

22 – In The Pizza Box

Ask for an extra empty pizza box next time you go out for a slice. Stick your gun inside the box, fold it up and place it between your cabinets and the trash to make it look like the box is going out for recycling.

23 – In A Tactical Wall Shelf

You guys aren’t going to want to miss this…

24 – In The Attic

Store your guns in a box or under some old clothes in the attic to keep them hidden.

25 – In The Crawlspace

Most officials aren’t going to want to go roaming in your dirty, spider-infested crawlspace – making it the perfect hiding place for guns!

26 – In The Hideaway Frame

Use the hideaway picture frame to your advantage by storing your guns behind it.

27 – In The Passenger Seat

Split the seams on the side of the passenger seat and store the gun inside. Add some velcro in place of the seams to stick them back together.

28 – In The Garbage Bag

Stuff some old clothes in a garbage bag, and place it in the garage amongst the other stuff you’re taking for donation.

29 – In The Gym Bag

Store a gun among your gym clothes, water bottle, etc. in your gym bag for some added secrecy.

30 – In The Ductwork

Slip a gun in the ducts of your home; chances are no official is going to go snooping around in there.

31 – In The Wall

Loose wall panels are perfect hiding places for small guns.

32 – Under The Floorboards

Pull up a loose floorboard and stuff a gun or two underneath.

33 – Under The Plants

Place your gun in a bag and place it at the bottom of a pot. Top the bag with dirt and a real/fake plant. Nobody will suspect it there!

When SHTF, officials will be circling the block in search of your precious guns, ammunition and firearms. However, they’ll likely be so fixated on finding these common objects that they might not think about the other deadly defense weapons you’ve got – especially the compact ones that are easy to hide.

By all means, keep the guns you’ve got to protect yourself; but, if anything should go wrong, you’re going to need some backup tactical survival gear to defend yourself in an emergency.

Thankfully Survival Frog has a bunch of survival tools that’ll help you out in a crisis; you can see them by clicking on the images below. Prepare Now, Survive Later!

hide a gun


hide a gun


hide a gun


hide a gun


hide a gun


hide a gun


hide a gun





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