20 Survival Tips That Are Downright Crazy

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-2-48-48-pmOf all my friends in survival land, I trust only a very few.

One of my good friends, who I simply call DS,  is one of the top survivalists in the world.

He’s got an interesting backstory of surviving one of the cruelest, most foul government’s by using simple knowledge and know-how…and he’s become one of the most respected survivalists in the world.

He wanted to share a few of his favorite tips (that are just plain weird) for surviving the worst.

So I asked him to write a short blog post for us and he did.

Check all of his tips out below.

20 Survival Tips That Are Downright Crazy

The people of our world live radically different lifestyles. In truth, what might be a SHTF event for one person, might not be for you. And no one can truly predict with any real accuracy what kind of SHTF event is coming to our world or exactly when it will come. It’s human nature to want to be prepared to protect yourself and your family from any potential danger.

The best way to prepare when you aren’t certain what to prepare for is through knowledge and practice. The more knowledge you have and the more experience you have, the better you will be able to adapt and survive when SHTF. When SHTF and in the months and years to follow, supplies will become increasingly scarce. This is especially true for those who are in heavily populated urban living areas where the ability to hunt and grow your own food is more limited.

Everyone will by fighting over what little bit of food and supplies are left following an economic collapse or other SHTF event. When your stockpile begins to dwindle and there are no stores open for you to restock your supplies, how will you and your family survive?

It could be that in order to survive, you and your family may just have to rely on these sixteen survival tips that are downright crazy and learn to make something from nothing by scavenging for supplies that others discard. You’d be amazed at all the things that the average person will throw away because they view it as useless.

Latex Condoms

A latex condom can be used to carry water in a pinch. Latex condoms will also burn which means not only can you use them to collect and store dry tinder but you can use them as fire starting material too. A condom can also be used in conjunction with a sturdy branch to make a slingshot.

Burned Out Lightbulbs

If you can find some bulbs that are burned out but not broken, carefully remove the wires and filament from inside and discard them. Fill the light bulb halfway with vegetable oil or olive oil. Use a length of rope soaked in the oil as a wick and you’ve got a candle that will burn for hours.


An unused tampon is a great find if you are scavenging because these are usually wrapped in a waterproof sterile package that makes them indestructible. Use a tampon as a last resort water filter, a fishing bobber, or even a wick for a candle. They can be used very temporarily as bandages if nothing else is available but keep in mind they wick moisture (blood) so using them to stop bleeding should only be a temporary and very last resort.

Use a window to strike a match. Believe it or not, you can strike a match on a window if for some reason the strip on the box isn’t working because it was wet or damaged. Have your dry tinder ready for the match immediately after striking.

Using your spit to fish. Some old time fisherman spit on their bait to help attract fish. Another method is to wade into the water, hold your t-shirt or a very fine mesh net just under the water and spit onto the water’s surface. Scoop up the fish that come to investigate with your net or t-shirt.

Use a pop can for picking a lock. You’ll need to cut the aluminum pop can into a piece with two flaps that can then be inserted into the lock. Once it’s inside the lock, use the two flaps as pull tabs to turn the piece and pop the lock.

Replace a missing battery with aluminum foil. If your battery operated device has run out of juice and you can manage to scavenge at least one good battery, try to find a piece of aluminum foil too. Roll the foil into a tube of the same length and use it as the missing battery.

Use your watch as a compass. This trick only works with analog watches of course. Instructions for doing this are different for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. You must account for Daylight Savings Time as well but if you know how to navigate this way, it can save your life.

Saran wrap for first aid. Include this handy sealing wrap in your stockpile but also look for it if you are scavenging for first aid supplies. Not many people will realize how great it is for creating an infection barrier over wounds.

Bubble wrap to prevent hypothermia. This may not be something that you include in your stockpile but it could very well be something you might find while scavenging. Preventing hypothermia is key during survival situations. If you can’t find anything else, bubble wrap can be nearly as effective as several cotton blankets for trapping body heat.

Shoelace to make a bow and arrow. If for some reason you find yourself stranded without a weapon and without your paracord bracelet, with advanced knowledge and practice, you can use your shoelace as a string for a bow and arrow.

Make a slingshot from a plastic bottle and a balloon. Following SHTF, trash collection will be sporadic if it happens at all so finding plastic bottles shouldn’t be very difficult. Cut the threaded top off a plastic bottle and find a discarded balloon to fit over it. Use this with any small objects you can scavenge to make a slingshot for hunting small game or for self-defense.

DIY flashlight using a paperclip, toilet paper tube, two batteries, and any light bulb. Small light bulbs work best for this but any lightbulb should work. Unbend the paper clip, hold or tape one end of the clip to the negative end of one battery. Use an empty toilet paper tube taped on one end for the barrel of the flashlight. Add the next battery. Tape the bulb to the top of the second battery. Hold or tape the remaining end of the paper clip to the lightbulb.

Start a fire with a gum wrapper and a battery. The more ways you know and have practiced the critical skill of starting a fire, the better your chances when push comes to shove. Have your tinder bundle ready and wear heat resistant gloves if you have them because the battery will get hot fast. Hold the aluminum foil of a gum wrapper on one end of a battery and touch the other end of the wrapper to the opposite end of the battery until it catches fire.



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