7 Survival Uses for Bleach

uses for bleach
Most of us are aware of the typical uses for bleach, but many preppers haven’t thought to pack bleach into their bug out bags once SHTF.

However, once I introduce you to some of the amazing things bleach can do in a survival situation, I’m betting you’ll want to add a jug of bleach to your preps in order to stay prepared.

It’s my job to help ensure you’ve got the preps you need to outlive any disaster scenario – that’s why I’ve compiled this list of…

7 Survival Uses for Bleach

1 – Make The Spray

By transforming bleach into a spray, you can not only help neutralize the intensity of the bleach, but you can also disinfect lots of surfaces, all at one time.

Simply combine 1 gal. of hot water with 1 tbsp of bleach, and pour this mixture into a clean spray bottle. This way, you can spray down and disinfect your countertops, bug out bags, survival tools, and more, all at once.

2 – Make An Anchor

Once you’ve used up the rest of that bleach, DON’T throw it in the dumpster! Instead, fill the empty bottle with concrete, sand, or any other weighty material. Then, attach a long rope or piece of paracord to it. Throw the bottle over the side of your boat, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift anchor.

Note: Don’t have a boat? You can also use this weighed-down canister to help you keep the ends of your tent/bug out shelter in place if they’re flapping in the wind.

3 – Sterilize Small, Loose Items

This is an excellent solution for disinfecting all sorts of compact items, such as medical/first-aid equipment, gardening tools, and small, loose survival tools. These can be a major pain to sanitize by hand, even when you’re using the spray listed in #1.

Luckily, there’s another (and faster) way. Combine 3/4 cup bleach with 1 gal. of warm water in a large tub/container, and throw your loose survival tools in it for 5-10 minutes. Put on gloves and fish your tools out, leaving them to air-dry on a towel or mat.

4 – Self-Defense

If you’re in an SHTF situation, and you don’t have any tactical survival tools or weapons for self-defense, you can still use bleach to combat your enemy. Reach for the bottle, and when your attacker approaches you, throw the bleach into his/her eyes.

This act can cause severe eye irritation (and even chemical burns if left untreated), and will distract your attacker enough to allow you to escape.

Keep in mind this use is ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES, and should not be used otherwise.

5  – Clean Your Fruits & Vegetables

Much like hydrogen peroxide, bleach has the ability to disinfect your fruits and vegetables, ensuring they’re safe for you and your family to eat.

Simply fill your sink (or a tub) with 1 gallon of water, and pour in 1 tsp of bleach. Dunk your produce in the liquid, and leave them immersed for 30 seconds. After this time is up, rinse each piece thoroughly and towel-dry.

Note: Did you know that there are even more survival uses that hydrogen peroxide and bleach have in common? There’s nine, in fact! Check them out here.

6 – Purify Water

Bleach can also be used to purify water. This is a solid option for emergency situations, when you’ve come prepared with the right materials and have about 45 minutes to kill in order to get access to fresh drinking water. Here’s a video explaining the process:

Isn’t bleach amazing? Not only can you disinfect your survival tools with it, but you can also use it to purify your own water.

Now I want to point out one thing that I hope you caught on to – although this water purification method is effective, it still takes almost an hour to purify, which is a pretty long time – especially when you’re dying from dehydration.

That’s why I SERIOUSLY recommend our LifeStraw line of water purification systems. Each of these devices is guaranteed to filter out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (including E.Coli) and protozoa, as well as parasites and particles from your water.

Not only that, but the beauty of LifeStraw survival products is that they can do all this without a terrible aftertaste. Since LifeStraw uses no iodine or iodinated resin chemicals, you’ll be amazed at how well these products filter and purify your unclean water (even if it’s from a dirty stream or lake), while still giving you the fresh, pure flavor that can only from filtered water.

My favorite part, though, is how fast these water purifiers filter your water; in about a minute, each of these devices will filter out the protozoa, bacteria, and fine particles out of any water source, allowing you to gulp down pure drinking water in 60 seconds or less. That’s a claim clorox can’t match!

Grab a variety of these amazing water filtration systems for your home, and to add to your camping supplies, hiking gear, and bug out bag. You’re going to love how these survival tools will save your life in a survival situation!

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