Why Condoms, Tampons, and Preparation H Are Great Survival Supplies

Weird Survival Supplies Are Great For Bug Out Bags

The next time you’re in the grocery store it might be a good idea to pick up a few extra supplies…supplies you might not be used to buying all the time (this is especially true if you’re a guy).

Surprisingly things like adult diapers, tampons, condoms, maxi-pads etc are actually really useful for survival kits and bug out bags.

Whatever you do, don’t get embarrassed when you buy these items as they’ll be a great asset to you in the event SHTF.

Stock Up On These Uncommon Survival Supplies Today.


Yes, tampons are great for survival use. In fact, out of all of the items you can find in the feminine hygiene section they’re probably one of the most versatile survival tools out there.

Of course the intended purpose of a tampon is to absorb blood. Which in turn means they’re great at doing just that.

Here are 6 uses for tampons you likely didn’t know about before today.

    1. Use them to treat wounds: You can use a tampon to stop excessive bleeding. If you get a large laceration the tampon placed over the wound site will help absorb a considerable amount of blood .
    2. Use them top nosebleeds: Far more effective than normal tissue paper. Spray a little nasal spray on the tampon and then seal them up (in a condom for instance) and if you get a nosebleed they’ll stop the flow of blood quickly.
    3. Use them to filter water: That’s right, a tampon can help make drinking water easier to drink. Keep in mind they won’t purify water, but they’ll definitely remove sediment. There are a few ways to make this work.
      • You can extend the plunger and then dip the tampon in the water and suck like a straw.
      • Or, take the cotton out and stuff it into the mouth of a water bottle. Cut the bottom off the bottle and then poke a hole in the lid. Pour water through the bottom and let it drip out the top with lid attached (now the bottom) and you’ll have clear water.
    4. Fire Starter: The cotton of the tampon will quickly set ablaze, A touch of petroleum oil on it will make it burn fast and long.
    5. Make a Candle: Put the string in a dish of oil and leave a little bit sticking out and you’ve got a long-lasting emergency candle.
    6. Tie up a Tarp: That little string at the end actually has some unique uses. You can use it to tie up a tarp or a tent. You can even use the strings to tie up a bag and create an impromptu water catchment system.


Surprisingly condoms have a wide-range of survival uses too.

One of the benefits to condoms is they’re quite stretchable and they’re completely waterproof. This means you can use them to keep items dry.

They’re also durable as the latex is meant not to break.

Our friends at Survivopedia provided us with a list of 9 incredible survival uses for condoms:

  1. Water containers. Condoms can hold up to two liters of water if you handle them correctly. Because they’re so delicate, put it into a sock to give it protection and stability before you fill it. You’ll do best if you can find a source of downward-running water such as a small waterfall.
  2. Keeping your matches or tinder dry. Just be careful not to break the condom and your stuff will be ready for a fire when you are.
  3. Tinder. A condom is extremely flammable and will burn hot for several moments; long enough to get your fire going.
  4. Thumb loops to put pressure on the top of your hand drill to give enough pressure to start the fire while you’re spinning. Use either end as thumb loops and place the middle on top of the stick.
  5. As the elastic in a slingshot – use 3 stuffed inside of each other on either side of your missile launcher then duct tape or zip-tie them to the fork and the missile launcher.
  6. Rubber glove.
  7. Protect the muzzle of your weapon when crossing streams of wading through mud.
  8. Fishing bobber
  9. Tourniquet

Maxi Pads

If you thought tampons were absorbent, well the maxi-pad clearly out performs them, which makes them great for a wide range of survival uses and an incredible addition to your survival supplies.

Here are 6 uses for maxi pads in survival situations:

  1. Wound dressing: This is probably the most obvious. the maxi pad’s thick material will absorb bodily fluids and the wings have an included adhesive which will help them stick like a bandage.
  2. Makeshift slippers: If worst comes to worst you can use them as slipper in camp site. This has been done before and is one of the more extreme uses.
  3. Hot pad: Use a maxi pad to pull hot items out of a fire or to transport other hot metallic items.
  4. Shoe Insole: Because they’re absorbent and have built in adhesive they make a worthy shoe insole replacement
  5. Padding for uncomfortable backpack straps: Maxi pads can alleviate the pressure presented by an uncomfortable backpack strap. Leave them folded in half for more added padding.
  6. Eye-Patch: In the event you need to cover someone’s eye then a maxi-pad can suit the job perfectly. You can even cut them in half for a more custom fit.

Preparation H (or any hemorrhoid cream)

Preparation H is unique because it helps to reduce inflammation and will also reduce pain as well as minimizing itching. The way Preparation H works is through the active ingredient, phenylephrine HCL. This ingredient works by  constricting the flow of blood vessels where its applied which helps to reduce swelling and inflammation.

In fact it can even help wounds heal quickly (and will minimize scarring) much like antibiotic creams.

Use Preparation H for:

  1. Bug bites: Place a small dab over bug bites to reduce pain and itchiness
  2. Rashes and sores: If you have a small rash or sore then a bit of preparation H can help reduce the pain.
  3. Chafing: Can be used to lubricate friction points as well as working to heal those areas.

Be careful though, preparation H can cause blood pressure to elevate, so it’s not a good idea to use it over large areas of the body or if you already suffer from high blood pressure.

Added Benefits of These Survival Supplies

Best of all is all of these supplies will fit quite well into a bug out bag or survival kit.

They’re all lightweight and easy to pack so they won’t weigh you down.

If you don’t already have a survival kit or are looking to get an upgraded kit then you should take a look at our Guardian 2-Person Elite Survival Kit.

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Why Condoms, Tampons, and Preparation H Are Great Survival Supplies

  1. Ron

    Preparation H also promotes healing. Years ago a friend cut his palm while on a fishing trip to Mexico. After washing the wound he squirted P-H over the length of the cut and wrapped it with gauze. Two days later, back in the states he went to the Doctor and the wound was healing fine and no infection. A week later it was as good as new.

  2. Ernie White

    sanitary napkins were used for bandages for military use during time of war. Because they soaked up so much blood women used them for sanitary napkins.


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