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  • David Adams Oct 15, 2018

    How to Survive a Hurricane if You Can’t Evacuate

    <h1>How to Survive a Hurricane if You Can’t Evacuate</h1>

    Hurricane Michael took the country by surprise recently when it tore through the South East. Many people were taken off-guard by the unusual path the storm took and were severely underprepared as a result. 18 people died because of the hurricane. There was a mandatory evacuation order, but not everybody was able to comply, and… Read More

  • Survival Frog Sep 26, 2017

    Hurricane Checklist: 5 Simple Steps to Prepare for a Hurricane

    <h1>Hurricane Checklist: 5 Simple Steps to Prepare for a Hurricane</h1>

    A hurricane checklist is something you must have as the damage caused by hurricanes can’t be overstated. Entire communities can be destroyed and people’s ways of life can be disrupted for months before they’re able to return to normal. Having a hurricane tear through your area forces you to enter a survival scenario whether you’re… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jul 25, 2016

    The Best Books For Preppers

    <h1>The Best Books For Preppers</h1>

    Does anyone even know the best books for preppers anymore? I mean, I know it’s 2016, but “real” books are becoming non-existent – everything nowadays is on a tablet or Kindle and reading in general is going down the tubes. However, to those of us that know better, prepping books provide a wealth of knowledge, educating… Read More

  • David Adams Apr 12, 2014

    5 Steps to Prepare for a Hurricane Before Disaster Strikes

    <h1>5 Steps to Prepare for a Hurricane Before Disaster Strikes</h1>

    If the weatherman tells you to head for cover because a hurricane is headed your way, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not you are properly prepared. By taking the time to make the effort now, before the catastrophe occurs, you can yield the big savings you need down… Read More

  • David Adams Mar 17, 2014

    Important Hurricane Safety Tips

    <h1>Important Hurricane Safety Tips</h1>

    Do you have hurricanes in your area? If so, knowing how to react and what to do in a hurricane could very well save you and your entire family’s life! If you happen to live in a spot where hurricanes occur quite often, you need to ensure you know about all of the evacuation routes… Read More