How to Survive a Hurricane if You Can’t Evacuate

Hurricane Michael took the country by surprise recently when it tore through the South East. Many people were taken off-guard by the unusual path the storm took and were severely underprepared as a result.

18 people died because of the hurricane. There was a mandatory evacuation order, but not everybody was able to comply, and were forced to face the storm head-on.

Of course, evacuation is the best way to survive a hurricane because it can’t hurt you if you aren’t there…but what should you do if you can’t evacuate in time?

The purpose of this blog post is to give you some pointers on how best to prepare in that worst-case scenario.

Before the Hurricane

If you’re going to stay at home for the hurricane, you’ll have to prepare your home and your property to make it as safe as possible.

Windows should be secured with storm shutters to prevent the glass from breaking and blowing into your home. If you don’t have storm shutters, nail plywood boards over your window instead. Don’t try to skimp out by just covering your windows with tape. It won’t hold and won’t give you any protection.

What many people might not know is that it’s just as important to secure your yard as it is to secure your home. Tree branches, toys, and any other debris around the yard can be picked up by strong winds at whipped around at dangerous speeds. Take some time beforehand to clean that stuff up. Also, make sure to clean out any clogged gutters so the rush of water doesn’t flood into your house.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to go out and get supplies for the duration of the hurricane. Make sure to have at least a few days worth of food and water. The power is going to go out, so you’ll find it very helpful to have a power bank to charge your phone.

During the Hurricane

During the hurricane you should stay in your safe room. Your safe room should be the most secure room in the house. The best safe rooms are fully interior with no windows, but if your home doesn’t have one like that then just choose a room with as few windows as possible. You can use a mattress to help cover up windows to make them extra secure. Your safe room should be on the first floor of the house. Don’t hide in the basement because it will probably flood during the hurricane.

At this point you just have to wait it out. Have some sort of entertainment like a pack of playing cards to help pass the time. Keep your fridge closed as much as possible so your food doesn’t spoil. Don’t count on getting help during the hurricane. Assume that you’re on your own and act accordingly.

After the Hurricane

The hurricane is now over…but there’s still danger. The hurricane’s powerful winds moved a lot of stuff around, and it could be sitting in a dangerous location just waiting to fall or break. Nearby trees should be checked for damage, and make sure there’s nothing sitting on your roof just waiting to fall down and hit you.

Have you lived through a hurricane before? Let me know your thoughts below, along with any survival tips that might help your fellow Americans.


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