9 Incredible (and Weird) Uses For Steel Wool

Believe it or not, there are multiple uses for steel wool that are applicable in a survival situation. But first, let’s discuss what steel wool actually is.

You probably have a few pieces in your kitchen to help clean off encrusted gunk that’s stuck to your favorite kitchen pans.

Steel wool is essentially little more than a bundle of wiry steel filaments; the material is fine, flexible, and abrasive (so not that nice fluffy sheep wool feeling you were expecting). Steel wool is also incredibly cheap, and can be purchased by the pad or by the bundle. Its most common uses are for cleaning household items and polishing wooden objects; however, you’re about to learn these handy little guys can be used for so much more.

9 Uses For Steel Wool

#1 – Sharpen Scissors: 

Keep your scissors sharper longer by cutting through pieces of steel wool.

#2 – Rodent Control:

 Steel wool is a cheap, efficient tool for keeping out those nasty mice and rats from your house, tent, or any other living space. Simply stuff the steel wool into small cracks and small open spaces (or use them to plug a hole, perhaps in your baseboards, pipes, or small entryways) and cover the steel wool with duct tape.

When the vermin come to their normal hideout, they’ll immediately begin chewing on the steel fibers. This will ultimately lead the animal to experience severe mouth pain and even death, allowing you to keep your food and loved ones safe.

#3 – Start A Fire:

If you’ve got a 9V battery (or multiple AAs or AAAs) and a bit of steel wool, this is a HUGE time saver in starting a fire. If not, get prepared now or regret it later. Simply pull the steel wool apart so it’s “fluffy” (the thinner the strands, the better) and rub the battery leads on top of it.

The wires will immediately ignite, giving you a little time to add more tinder and keep the fire going all night long. The ability to start a fire with natural material is HUGE – find out tips on this and more here. 

#4 – Erase your steps: 

With a little water and a steel wool pad, your black heel marks will disappear on vinyl flooring. This is crucial if you want to travel unnoticed.

#5 – Tighten A Loose Screw: 

Wrap the loose screw in steel wool and insert it into the hole. The steel wool will not only tighten the screw (even if the hole’s been loosened over time) but also keep it in place.You can find this and other useful tips, such as how steel wool will hush a motorcycle, here.

#6 – Scrape Off Rust: 

Rust can be incredibly damaging to your precious resources (i.e: your car and your guns) and you’ll need to protect these as much as possible. Scrape off that harmful rust with a steel wool pad.

#7 – Clean Off  Car Windshields:

Nobody likes driving with a dirty windshield, but not many people carry Windex in their survival packs either. Simply wet the steel wool with water and scrub the glass (make sure to use quad zero steel wool to keep from scratching) to get rid of dirt and debris. This can also be used for windows and any other glass materials.

#8 – Scrub Camping Pots:

The great thing about steel wool is that it’s tough on dirt and deposits, but softer than most abrasives and won’t scratch the underlying material. Therefore, this makes a great scrubbing tool for when your food utensils get dirty and corroded.

#9 – Clean Off Your Knives: 

Knives are a vital asset for survival preparedness for obvious reasons; that’s why you need to keep them clean and rust-free. If they’re really dirty all you have to do is scrub the sides of the blades to clean them. Warning, if you end up rubbing the wool on the actual edge of the blade then it might dull the blade.

We here at Survival Frog believe that it is crucial to be prepared for the unexpected; after all, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s why having a practical, reliable knife on-hand is vital for survival, no matter what situation you’re in.

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