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  • Survival Frog Apr 29, 2020

    Is It Possible To Live Off-Grid In A Motorhome?

    There is an undeniable romanticism tethered to the idea of living “off the grid”. Such a way of life seems natural, normal, and — though it is never mistaken for an easy life — all the hard labour is considered “honest”. Off-grid living in a motorhome then seems even more romantic. Whereas living off-grid implies… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jul 14, 2015

    Veteran Could Be Arrested For Off The Grid Living

    <h1>Veteran Could Be Arrested For Off The Grid Living</h1>

    Off The Grid Living at Risk This story is insane. Tyler Truitt bought land and then put a home on it. The city he lives in it doesn’t matter if he owns his land, he can’t do what he wants with it. Trying to live off the grid is a huge no-no in their eyes. Truth… Read More