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  • David Adams Mar 6, 2018

    How to Protect Yourself Against Ticks

    <h1>How to Protect Yourself Against Ticks</h1>

    The great outdoors is home to some pretty creepy creatures, and ticks are particularly nasty. Ticks are arachnids just like spiders…but instead of minding their own business they jump onto you, burrow into your skin, and feast on your blood. Ticks are a very real survival threat. Many of them carry Lyme disease, which is… Read More

  • David Adams Mar 2, 2018

    What to Pack in Your Car Survival Kit

    <h1>What to Pack in Your Car Survival Kit</h1>

    Being stranded in your car is one of the most likely survival scenarios you’ll face. Despite the technological advances in new cars, breakdowns are actually becoming more common. Today’s cars have a lot more features than older cars, so more things can go wrong with them. As a prepper, you need to realize that being… Read More

  • David Adams Feb 27, 2018

    5 Simple Ways Anyone Can Earn a Living Off-Grid With a Garden

    <h1>5 Simple Ways Anyone Can Earn a Living Off-Grid With a Garden</h1>

    One of the biggest reasons more preppers don’t transition to homesteading is that they don’t have a way to earn a living while being off-grid. Homesteading usually means living in a rural area, which means many people can’t keep their normal jobs. That’s why I wrote this blog post showing you 5 simple ways anyone… Read More

  • David Adams Feb 23, 2018

    The Best States for Off-Grid Homesteading

    <h1>The Best States for Off-Grid Homesteading</h1>

    Not every state is friendly towards homesteaders, which can make going off-grid even more difficult than it already is. You’ll have a much easier time if you homestead in a state that has favorable laws and natural resources for homesteaders. There aren’t any “perfect” states for homesteaders because every state government wants to dictate how… Read More

  • David Adams Feb 20, 2018

    Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Going Off-Grid

    <h1>Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Going Off-Grid</h1>

    Most preppers dream about going off-grid…but it’s not as easy as just buying a homestead and moving in. Many would-be homesteaders jump in but fail because they didn’t think about the situation well enough. I want to help make your off-grid transition a success, and that’s why I’m showing you the top 5 mistakes people… Read More

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