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  • David Adams Jan 23, 2018

    What If SHTF While You’re Away from Home?

    <h1>What If SHTF While You’re Away from Home?</h1>

    It’s common for people today to travel, either for work or for pleasure. But the downside to traveling is that you can’t take all your preps with you. And depending on the reason for your trip, you might not have your family with you either. Some people consider travel the worst time for a SHTF… Read More

  • David Adams Jan 22, 2018

    What to Do If You Think Someone is Following You

    <h1>What to Do If You Think Someone is Following You</h1>

    Being stalked by someone makes you extremely vulnerable. In this situation, they’re the hunter and you’re the prey. Your goal is to get out of this situation as fast as possible. The techniques you’ll learn from this post will show you how to reliably tell if you’re being followed and what to do about it…. Read More

  • David Adams Jan 17, 2018

    Are You Prepared For a Disaster at Your Workplace?

    <h1>Are You Prepared For a Disaster at Your Workplace?</h1>

    Being prepared for a disaster means being prepared no matter where you are, not just at home. Most Americans spend most of their time at home, while the rest of their time is largely spent at work. The average American working 40 hours a week spends about 35% of their time at work. 35% is… Read More

  • David Adams Jan 16, 2018

    11 Best Survival Uses for Honey

    <h1>11 Best Survival Uses for Honey</h1>

    We can’t count on having modern conveniences forever, so it makes sense to have some alternatives prepared ahead of time. We can get a lot of useful things from nature, and one of the most useful resources is honey. Honey has a variety of medical uses that are sometimes just as effective as regular medications…. Read More

  • David Adams Jan 12, 2018

    How to Sharpen Your Survival Knife

    <h1>How to Sharpen Your Survival Knife</h1>

    A survival knife is one of a prepper’s most important tools, but it also needs to be sharpened occasionally to keep its edge. A dull survival knife is useless in a survival situation, so I’ll show you how to sharpen your knife even if you’ve never done it before. By the end of this post… Read More

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