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  • Survival Frog Jul 29, 2016

    5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe From Hackers

    <h1>5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe From Hackers</h1>

    You don’t have to dig very deeply through the news to find the significant and terrifying impact that hackers have had on our society. They have infiltrated major companies’ security systems (LinkedIn, Target, Sony, Premera Blue Cross, and Anthem, just to name a few), costing them millions of dollars and forcing them to lose their shareholders’ trust…. Read More

  • Survival Frog Jul 25, 2016

    The Best Books For Preppers

    <h1>The Best Books For Preppers</h1>

    Does anyone even know the best books for preppers anymore? I mean, I know it’s 2016, but “real” books are becoming non-existent – everything nowadays is on a tablet or Kindle and reading in general is going down the tubes. However, to those of us that know better, prepping books provide a wealth of knowledge, educating… Read More

  • David Adams Jun 1, 2015

    3 Ways You’re Being Digitally Pick-Pocketed

    <h1>3 Ways You’re Being Digitally Pick-Pocketed</h1>

    In the modern age, pick-pockets don’t even need to reach into your pocket, they just need to be near you to steal your personal and financial information in seconds. You may not realize it, but we are carrying our most personal information with us almost everywhere we go, and you could easily become a victim… Read More

  • David Adams Oct 8, 2014

    How To Survive An Ebola Outbreak

    <h1>How To Survive An Ebola Outbreak</h1>

    You Must Prepare for a Future Ebola Outbreak NOW! With Ebola confirmed in the U.S., some are finally waking up to the potential problem this disease can pose. Formerly a Third World problem, the First World is a little shaken with panic as this disease makes its way into our country.   If we are to come face… Read More

  • David Adams Aug 5, 2014

    Water Main Break Poses A Serious Threat

    <h1>Water Main Break Poses A Serious Threat</h1>

    Thanks to a water main break, students at the University of California at Los Angeles recently dealt with a giant hole in their roadway and millions of gallons of water flooding their homes and streets. While many people think that water is something that never fails unless there is a natural disaster, that isn’t always… Read More

  • David Adams Mar 13, 2014

    Edward Snowden Full Interview From Russia March 10, 2014

    <h1>Edward Snowden Full Interview From Russia March 10, 2014</h1>

    Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, speaking remotely from Russia in his first live interview since fleeing the United States, told attendees at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas on Monday that encryption is still a powerful deterrent against government surveillance. See the full Edward Snowden interview below:

  • David Adams Mar 7, 2014

    Justice Scalia Warns Students about Internment Camps Returning

    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia gave some chilling words to law students at the University of Hawaii during a recent visit there. In fact, his words were so haunting that everyone from Alex Jones to journalists from the Washington Times have reported on them. The warnings came during a question and answer session, in which… Read More