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  • Survival Frog May 21, 2016

    8 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Away

    <h1>8 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Away</h1>

    I have been itching (literally) to write a post about how to keep spiders away…mostly because I find them to be creepy and ugly (not to mention walking through their webs makes my skin crawl). Plus, just one bite from certain species of spiders can either injure you or become fatal. However, I do recognize… Read More

  • Survival Frog May 7, 2016

    Easy Steps To Make Soap For Survival

    <h1>Easy Steps To Make Soap For Survival</h1>

    Well, the government is at it again (and, of course, not in a good way) – they’re attempting to make it extremely hard for preppers to make soap for survival. Homemade soap is a wonderful thing; it contains natural ingredients, often smells better than store-bought soaps and comes without the hefty price tag. However, big corporations are… Read More

  • Survival Frog May 4, 2016

    Sepsis Prevention For Preppers

    <h1>Sepsis Prevention For Preppers</h1>

    It’s not often that people talk about sepsis prevention for preppers. I think this is mostly because many survivalists (and non-survivalists alike) are completely unaware that sepsis exists, and therefore have no idea how to prevent it. The scary thing is that one burn, one cut, or one scrape could lead to sepsis (and death when left untreated). My job… Read More

  • David Adams Mar 12, 2015

    7 Ways To Stay Clean Without Running Water

    <h1>7 Ways To Stay Clean Without Running Water</h1>

    Survival Hygiene Without Modern Conveniences Growing up in the Rockies I heard many Mountain Man stories. I have patterned most of my prepper and survival philosophy after them, and think that they are a good example for many things a prepper should emulate. Staying clean without running water is not one of them. The mountain… Read More

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