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  • Survival Frog Aug 18, 2020

    2021 Gift Guide

    <h1>2021 Gift Guide</h1>

    Here are the top-selling survival and outdoor gear items for the year 2021. What a year it has been! This list contains not only the top-selling gear but also the most reviewed by customers with the highest ratings. The Survival Frog team has also tested these items extensively in our own lives. This is the… Read More

  • Survival Frog Nov 19, 2019

    How to Bring Your Plants Indoors for Winter

    By Clarence Washington Source Winter is the perfect time for hibernating. It’s the season for cozy fires, flannel sheets, space heaters, warm puffy coats, and that all-important electric blanket. You can survive winter’s freeze, but it’s a bit more challenging for outdoor plants if they’re not native to the region. Frost occurs when the thermometer… Read More

  • David Adams Jan 30, 2018

    Survive Being Stranded in Your Car During Winter

    <h1>Survive Being Stranded in Your Car During Winter</h1>

    If you drive a vehicle or usually ride as a passenger, there’s a chance you could be stuck on the side of the road at some point. And if it happens to be winter, or the nights get really cold where you live, getting stuck could become a life or death survival situation. Hopefully, you’ll… Read More

  • Survival Frog Dec 26, 2017

    13 Amazing Ways to Keep Your Home Warm in a Wintertime Crisis

    <h1>13 Amazing Ways to Keep Your Home Warm in a Wintertime Crisis</h1>

    For preppers, winter brings the added responsibility of figuring out how to heat the home. Whether you’re looking for tips to survive a crisis or just want to lower your energy bill, this article gives you some practical ways to make it through winter. Seal Off Unimportant Rooms The bigger the area, the harder it… Read More

  • David Adams

    User Guide Instructions for the TACT Bivvy®

    <h1>User Guide Instructions for the TACT Bivvy®</h1>

    The TACT Bivvy® is a powerful survival tool that can save your life, even in below freezing conditions. However, to get the most out of your TACT Bivvy®, you need to use it properly. Even though the TACT Bivvy® is simple to use, there are some tips you should follow to use it to its… Read More

  • Survival Frog Dec 13, 2017

    9 Ways to Survive a Winter Storm

    <h1>9 Ways to Survive a Winter Storm</h1>

    Winter is on its way, and some parts of the country have already had plenty of snowfall. Preppers living in areas that get lots of snow have a difficult challenge to face, because they need to prepare for winter storms. A winter storm could be as short as a day but have a devastating and… Read More

  • Survival Frog Oct 31, 2017

    9 Foods You Can Grow In The Winter

    <h1>9 Foods You Can Grow In The Winter</h1>

    If you thought your garden is doomed every time Winter comes around, think again. There are a variety of vegetables you can grow in the Winter. These plants need to be sowed in the Fall, but with proper planning and maintenance you’ll be able to eat fresh, healthy food straight from your garden all Winter… Read More

  • Survival Frog Oct 20, 2017

    Cold Weather Gear Checklist

    <h1>Cold Weather Gear Checklist</h1>

    We need to take the changing seasons into account for our survival plans depending on what climate we live in. Winter will be here soon, so I’ve prepared a cold weather gear checklist so you can add some new season-specific gear to your arsenal. Guardian Disaster Relief Wool Blanket Everyone who lives in cold climates… Read More

  • Survival Frog Mar 4, 2017

    Create Your Own Secret Survival Garden Using a Hydroponic System

    <h1>Create Your Own Secret Survival Garden Using a Hydroponic System</h1>

    Like it or not, the marijuana industry has also produced an increased interest in hydroponic systems for gardening. Hydroponic gardening is simply the process of growing plants without soil, and hydroponic systems are well-suited for indoor growing. This is a crafty way to grow something you’d get arrested for if you planted it out in… Read More

  • Survival Frog Feb 6, 2017

    10 Amazing DIY Native American Survival Shelters

    <h1>10 Amazing DIY Native American Survival Shelters</h1>

    Preppers have been building survival shelters for a long time; heck, many of us learned how to build a shelter in our days as a Boy Scout. However, survival shelters have  been around for centuries. In fact, the Native Americans are famous for their survival shelters, such as the tipi and the wigwam. And although we’ve… Read More

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