Cold Weather Gear Checklist

We need to take the changing seasons into account for our survival plans depending on what climate we live in.

Winter will be here soon, so I’ve prepared a cold weather gear checklist so you can add some new season-specific gear to your arsenal.

Guardian Disaster Relief Wool Blanket

Everyone who lives in cold climates should keep a warm blanket in their car.

If you got in a car accident or spun off the side of the road, how long would you have to wait until help arrived? Also consider that you might have to wait longer during a blizzard, or hold out until the next day if your smartphone’s battery died.

Keeping a heavy wool blanket packed in your car will save you during this type of situation. The Guardian Disaster Relief Wool Blanket is made of a special wool and synthetic fiber blend that’s designed to be fire resistant, dry fast, and provide you with extra insulation from the cold.

If you don’t keep a blanket like this in your car, you’re dangerously unprepared for winter driving.

Coghlan’s Waterproof Safety Matches

Fire is important enough during warm weather, but when it’s dangerously cold, having the ability to quickly make a fire can mean the difference between living another day and freezing to death.

Making fires is the ancient method of staying warm.  The problem is, starting a fire from scratch is difficult, and most matches and lighters aren’t weatherproof.

Coghlan’s Waterproof Safety Matches are the easiest way to quickly start a fire, even if you’re in a snowstorm and the matches are soaking wet.

These waterproof matches look just like regular matches, but work much better. Don’t be caught in winter without these.

20-Hour Body Warmers by Heat Pax

What do you do if your car gets stuck during a snowstorm and you have to hike to get help? Starting a fire won’t help you here because you’re on the move, but you can still bring a heat source with you.

Body warmers take up very little room and can be easily stored in your glove compartment in case you need them. Before you get out of your car, just open them up and stick them under your clothes for 20 hours of life-saving heat.

Body warmers feel amazing on a cold day, and they can make an unpleasant situation much more comfortable.

Survival Dynamo Flashlight Radio

Keeping a flashlight with you is always a smart idea, especially during the winter season when the days are shorter. However, batteries drain faster when they’re cold.

To be fully prepared for cold weather, you’ll either need to replace your flashlight’s batteries periodically or use a flashlight that doesn’t use batteries at all.

The Survival Dynamo Flashlight Radio is powered by a hand crank, so it’ll never die during a critical moment like a regular flashlight could.

Better yet, it comes with a built-in radio that plays AM and FM stations. Listening to the radio will make a cold, lonely night a little bit more bearable.

Mountain House Noodles & Chicken

An activity we do every day can do wonders for staying warm:  the process of digestion releases energy and spreads heat throughout your body, so eating a hearty meal can actually help you stay warm.

One of my favorite food storage items is Mountain House Noodles and Chicken. It has a 30-year shelf life, mixes right in the pouch so there’s no mess, and last but not least…it actually tastes good!

Plus, if you have to hold out for longer than you thought, you’ll end up craving food anyway. So do some prepping ahead of time and get one of these for your car.

BaroCook Flameless Survival Cooking Bowl

Is there anything more enjoyable than a piping-hot meal on a cold fall or winter day? I don’t think so.

That’s why I’m recommending the BaroCook Flameless Survival Cooking Bowl. It’ll help you warm up by heating up your food even in the cold.

It doesn’t use fire or require electricity. Instead, it uses a heat pack that’s included with the bowl. It can be used anytime, anywhere.

Emergency 3600 Calorie Food Ration

Here’s a great way to boost your calorie count without carrying a lot of food. Just keep one of these little food bars in your coat pocket and you’ll have instant access to 3600 calories in each bar.

That’s almost double the recommendation for daily caloric intake. You’re going to want these extra calories to help you stay warm during the cold weather.

They come in packs of nine, so you could keep one in your coat, a few in your car, and still have some extras for family and friends.

Dragon FireKnife

Knives are one of the most versatile tools a prepper can have in their arsenal, but wouldn’t it be great if your knife could also start a fire?

That’s exactly what the Dragon FireKnife is designed to do. It’s razor-sharp and is worth carrying as a knife alone, but its added fire-starting ability makes this an obvious choice for anyone living in cold climates.

The sparks fly off this blade at an amazing 5,400 degrees. That’s more than enough to quickly start a fire even when it’s painfully cold outside.

Remember, cold weather requires special preparations. Make sure to pick up some of this cold weather gear to ensure you’re as prepared as you can be this season.




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