What Bug Out Bag Essentials Are You Forgetting?

Whether you’re anticipating an upcoming zombie attack, are concerned about economic collapse or want to be prepared for a natural disaster; it’s important to protect you and your family from the unexpected with bug out bag essentials.

While the threat of zombies is pretty low, other (more realistic) events can cause you and your family to be left without food, shelter, water or other basic necessities. What do you take for granted and how can you be more prepared in the event that you need to bug out?

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford an underground bunker but, there are several bug out bag essentials that will make all the difference in the (smoke & ash, zombie-ridden, tornado ravaged) world.

Keep in mind, your bug out bag essentials are just that; critical items you’ll need for survival. Gone are the days of warm showers, hot meals and clean clothes; your bug out bag will hold life-saving items, not lobster and Filet Mignon.

Must-Have Essentials For Your Bug Out Bag

  • Backpack – The first step to backpack prep is purchasing a sturdy, but lightweight backpack.
  • Shelter – You want to ensure that you have some form of protection from the elements; a small tarp or poncho will provide a makeshift shelter when it’s needed.
  • Water purification – This is critical to your survival! Water purification tablets or a small water purifier will ensure that, even if you stumble upon a cesspool, you’ll be able to drink with confidence.
  • EssentialsParacord or 550 cord is a lightweight cord that, like its name, can hold up to 550 lbs of weight. It can be used for a variety of things and should be a staple in your bug out backpack. Other essential items that you should carry in your bug out backpack include; fishing kit, first-aid kit, matches, duct tape, snare wire (for trapping critters), multi-tool, emergency blanket and a compass.
  • Self Defense/Hunting – Self-defense is a key component to survival so it’s important to carry something that will protect you and your family.
  • Food – While you won’t be able to carry heavy items, MREs or Meals Ready-To-Eat are lightweight and provide essential calories that are necessary for survival.

Now That You Have Your Bug Out Bag Essentials, What’s Next?

You’ve purchased items and carefully packed them in your bug out bag but, what’s the next step to survival? The answer is simple; don’t do anything.

Put your bag in a location that you can easily locate it in the event you need to make a fast exit. Don’t mess with the contents, don’t brag to your friends about all the cool stuff you have stocked inside and don’t use it for your weekend camping trip.

Even though you’ve spent hours meticulously packing and re-packing, and hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on its contents, the last thing you want to do is use it. Using your bug out bag means that the world as we know it has drastically changed.

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