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  • Survival Frog Nov 21, 2017

    25 Century Old Survival Hacks

    <h1>25 Century Old Survival Hacks</h1>

    Life was harder in the old days, and people had to do a lot more to survive. Our lives today are relatively easy, and a lot of the useful knowledge from back then has been lost for most people. Luckily, some of these old school survival hacks are still around. Today, I’ll share with you… Read More

  • Survival Frog Nov 22, 2015

    12 Amazing Survival Uses For WD-40

    <h1>12 Amazing Survival Uses For WD-40</h1>

    Never Before Amazing Survival Uses For WD-40 Revealed Everyone seems to love WD-40. Honestly is there a reason not to love it? The truth is WD-40 isn’t just great for household applications, there are also survival uses for WD-40. To understand why WD-40 works in survival situations it’s important you understand what WD-40 is in… Read More