Weird Tips You Can Use To Save Money On Survival Food

So you want to save money on survival food.

Well you’re not the only one. Buying emergency survival food you might not touch for years and years for a crisis is a daunting task.

Keep this in mind though, even if it might not seem practical to spend money on survival food the writing is on the wall. Things in the U.S. and in the world are going from bad to worse.

Now is the time to to get prepared. Now is the time to start buying survival food for the very real possibility of total collapse.

One of the biggest concerns people have is how to get survival food at a good price.

Food prices right now are expensive enough already, so how do you save money for big purchases like bulk orders of survival food?

It’s these questions that inspired me to write this article teaching you the easy ways to save money on survival food.

This article is broken up into two sections.

The first section is dedicated to teaching you simple ways to save money on your grocery bill starting today. Use these tips and you can use that leftover money to buy crisis specific survival food (there is a difference between survival food and grocery store varieties).

The second will be focused on saving money on survival food purchases as well as other tips and tricks to lower the cost of getting prepared for a SHTF event.

Check them out:

4 Ways to Save Money On Your Weekly Grocery Bill

Survival food and weekly grocery expenses are quite different.

Survival food is made specifically to last 25+ years so you can use it in the event of an emergency that happens tomorrow or a quarter decade down the road.

The groceries you buy on a daily basis are what you’re going to eat within the next few days or months.

Makes sense, right?

The interesting thing I’ve noticed is one of the biggest reasons people put off purchasing survival food owes to them not having enough money to get today what they need tomorrow.

This is easily solved by taking a few simple steps to save on your grocery bill.

1 – Shop in bulk:

This is easily one of the most practical steps to save big money on food.
Whether this is a membership to a discount savings club or taking advantage of your grocery store’s bulk section and bulk deals when you buy in bulk you can save a substantial amount on your food expenses.

To ensure you’re maximizing you bulk food savings I recommend getting items with a longer shelf life in bulk, these can be canned and dried foods. (Stay away from processed foods)

Only buy bulk produce if you know you’ll be able to eat it all, otherwise you might end up throwing away a large portion of it.

Also look out for case lot sales. These can be a great way to save in bulk as well.

2 – Use coupons:

save money on survival foodIf you’re not a coupon user you are throwing money down the drain, it’s as simple as that.

Most stores produce an assortment of coupons, these are either mailed out regularly or are available online.

If you want to be an expert at couponing so you can save money for survival food (among other things) the following links can help you out with the task.

Here is a link to how to coupon at Target.
How to coupon at Kroger aka Smith’s, Ralph’s, Fry’s etc,
How to coupon at Walmart,
How to coupon at Walgreens,
How to coupon at CVS.

3 – Change your diet:

Though this might be an unpopular recommendation there’s merit to changing your diet for a number of reasons.

One of the foremost reasons is because changing your diet is it could make you significantly healthier. A reliance on mostly processed and artificial foods actually makes you sick, and being sick is expensive.

So if you change your diet to center around healthier whole foods it can help you save money by keeping you healthy and reducing the amount spent on doctors and medicines.

The other way this helps is when you eat a diet that’s free of processed foods and artificial ingredients you’ll spend less on food.  I wrote about this in my article about the paleo diet but I’ll explain it briefly.

The idea is a lot of the processed foods we rely on really mess up our body’s natural hunger cues. Because they have a negative affect on things like blood sugar and appetite you end up spending more money on food because you’re always eating. Food manufacturer’s include chemicals in their food that trigger appetite. This can cause you to eat even when you’re not hungry.

Eating a healthier diet will help you eat less and consequently you’ll spend less on food.

4 – Shop when you’re not hungry:

This is easily the simplest thing you can do to save money on food. You’ve likely read about this price saving technique before but I can’s stress how useful it is.

I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve read that emphasize how people save big bucks because they just stopped going to the grocery store while they were hungry.

If you go after you eat dinner not only will you save money on your bill you’ll also be able to get in and out of the grocery store much quicker. Grocery stores are significantly less crowded after dinner time which makes them much more enjoyable overall.

:: There are obviously more things you can do to save money on groceries, and some of these are going to tie into the next section.

Ultimately it’s just a matter of making a commitment today to save so you can spend money tomorrow on the survival food you know you need.

3 Ways to Save Money On Survival Food

These tips are all quite handy and can really help you save some money on survival food.

I won’t lie, the reason Survival Frog exists is because we wanted to help people like you get prepared for crisis without breaking the bank in the process.

So when I recommend shopping at Survival Frog it’s because I know the survival food we sell will help you save money in the long run.

1 – Shop online for the best price:

The Internet has changed things dramatically when it comes to saving money on.

That’s why we have a low price guarantee on every single item we offer. We’re always checking to make sure we have the lowest prices to ensure you’re getting the savings you deserve.

This gives you the confidence all the money you saved to use for survival food was well spent when you spend your money here. Click here to check out our full selection of survival food.

Remember: Every order you make over $50 comes with FREE shipping, so don’t forget that when shopping.

2 – Start growing your own survival food:

Because dirt, sunlight, and water can all be found for free one of the best things you can do is start growing your own survival food.

It doesn’t matter if you have a backyard big enough for a garden or are stuck in a tiny apartment, a survival garden can be created with out much difficulty.

You can build aquaponics systems in your home or you can build elaborate setups in the available space you have.  The important thing here is when you have self-sustaining models for growing food it means you can save tons of money on survival food.

That’s because if you can grow your own food you don’t actually have to buy any at all.

If you’re strapped for cash I recommend using the FREE section on Craigslist or in the newspaper to find all of the supplies you’ll need to start a garden.

Frequently people are getting rid of the things you’ll find useful in building your own garden or aquaponics systems.

One of the best solutions for using free items (or stuff you already have laying around in the garage or garden) is to watch videos showing you how to assemble your own aquaponics/garden set up. We send these out frequently in our emails so just keep your eyes peeled.

3 – Can and pickle your own food:

This is an ancient survival food tip that’ll serve you quite well if you want to save money on survival food.

If you’re growing your own food worthy of pickling this won’t cost you much at all. If you’re buying food for pickling it’s still rather inexpensive because many of the seasonal veggies and foods you pickle are available inexpensively during many times of the year.

If you’re new to the topic of pickling or canning then I suggest you have a look at these videos.

When you think about it free, or really cheap survival food is a pretty good way to save money on survival food, isn’t it.

One of the things about buying survival food most people don’t really talk about is getting samples of survival food.

The reason you want to get samples is because you want to make sure you enjoy the food you’re about to spend good money on.

Sample packs help guarantee the food you’re about to buy is food you really like eating. Honestly too many people buy food without thinking about eating it and that can really make things difficult in case SHTF.

You already know we have some of the lowest prices on survival food around.

If you’re serious about getting prepared for an emergency I recommend getting a few samples of survival food.

One of our most popular samplers is the Legacy Entree sampler pack.

Each entree is the same price you’d pay for dinner now and packs incredibly nutritious meals into an awesome survival package.

Check it out by clicking here or in the image below.

save money on survival food


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