Self Defense Tips For Seniors

Violent crime in America is on the rise and that’s why I’m giving you some simple self defense tips for seniors.

Seniors are less likely to be able to defend themselves against attackers since they aren’t able to perform physically like they could in their youth. This fact encourages criminals to target seniors who they view as easy prey.

That said, seniors still have plenty of ways to defend themselves even against bigger, tougher opponents that’ll do anything to get what they want.

Self Defense Tips For Seniors: Tip #1 – Always Keep Your Keys On You

The first self defense tip is to understand that you’re almost never unarmed. You simply need to redefine what you consider as being a weapon.

For example, your keys aren’t really keys…they’re a deadly weapon that’ll get an attacker to back off in a heartbeat if you use them right.

Simply hold your keys in the palm of your hand and make a fist. Make sure the sharp end of the largest key is poking out between your fingers. You now have a shank that’ll hurt like crazy and is much more effective than your fists.

Keys aren’t the only under the radar weapon you have, though. Think about what else you carry that could be re-purposed for self defense.

Do you have a cane? Even the most hardened thugs don’t want to get cracked over the head with a blunt object.

Are you a woman carrying a purse? Make sure it’s reasonably heavy and you’ll be able to make an impact more powerful than your fists alone could do.

Tip #2 – Learn How to Do the Stomp Kick

There’s an easy self defense technique that anybody who stands on two legs can use to defeat their attacker. It’s called the stomp kick.

Stomp kicks are perfect for seniors because it uses your bodyweight to add force rather than relying on any individual muscles. And don’t worry if you don’t weigh a lot. Even a little bit of weight applied to the right area has devastating effects.

Stomp kicks are super simple and require almost no practice whatsoever.

Here’s the easy 2-step formula to do a stomp kick.

  1. Raise your knee up as high as you can without losing your balance
  2. Stomp your foot down on top of your attackers foot as hard as you can. Make sure your first is perpendicular to your opponent’s foot and get as close to their ankle as you can.

Tip #3 – Best No-Permit Weapons a Senior Can Carry for Self Defense

Here’s a short list of some of the best no-permit weapons for seniors. These weapons can be just as effective as a gun when used correctly.

Knives: Anyone who gets stabbed with a knife is going to lose their motivation to keep attacking you pretty quick. Knives are lightweight, easy to handle, and mega effective.

Rocks: Rocks are primitive, but they’ll get the job done. Keep a small to medium sized rock in your pocket and you’ll be able to either use it as a blunt weapon or throw it from a distance.

Pens: Pens are a totally normal item to carry, but can also be deadly weapons. Take the cap off and use the sharp end as a stabbing weapon.

Here’s a list of 8 non-lethal weapons that you can also use to defend yourself with.

Tip #4 – Why a Gun Might Not Be the Best Choice

You may have thought that a gun would be the absolute best weapon to carry for self defense. And while it’s true a gun can be an effective weapon, there are certain disadvantages that seniors face when carrying them.

For starters, anyone with arthritis or who lacks finger and hand strength will have a really hard time cocking the slide and pulling the trigger…especially when you’re panicking as a hulking thug is lunging at you.

Where would you keep your gun? Do you have the flexibility and speed to pull it out fast enough? Not to mention the kickback that many seniors struggle with.

If you have to carry a gun, make sure it’s one that has a small enough kickback that you can control.

Even if the gun is less powerful, it’ll still be enough to stop most attackers. Most attackers will turn tail and run if they get shot.

Self defense for seniors can be a little trickier than for younger folks, but with a little creative thinking you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe just like when you were younger.

If you want a sure-fire way to defend yourself against an attacker without carrying a gun, check out our tactical pen knife.

It looks just like a regular pen, but is actually a razor sharp knife that’ll make any attacker think twice about messing with you.


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