Selecting A Rifle For Survival

selecting a rifle for survivalI have to warn you – the idea of selecting a rifle for survival is an extremely controversial topic right now. In fact, just mentioning it has already made me extremely unpopular with about half the country (as well as our president).

That’s because this once-great nation has become so terrified of the idea of guns that there’s been talk about taking them away for good. Which means, if you wind up in a SHTF situation, you can say goodbye to your guns for protecting you against the rest of the world.

However, I (and Survival Frog) believe that the answer isn’t necessarily taking away the guns – it’s using your right as an American to defend yourself from any and all dangers that you face. That’s why I stand by this article, and that’s why I’m going to continue to educate other Americans about it.

So here we go – here’s my tips on:

Selecting A Rifle For Survival

First off, to lighten the mood a little, here’s a video about how to protect yourself against alien invaders (because you just never know):

Alright, in all seriousness though, here’s my tips on selecting a survival rifle:

1 – The Non-Negotiables

There are six things you MUST take into account when selecting the right survival rifle for you. These include:

  • Reliability – No brainer? Maybe, but we’ve seen too many people get swept up into “what looks cool” or “what their buddy said to do,” only to pay for it later. You need to make sure your firearm is absolutely reliable, with every pull of the trigger, 100% of the time. Otherwise, you’re probably wasting your money.
  • Durability – You’re going to need a rifle that’ll stand up to a beating and that requires little maintenance (such as needing replacement parts or a special manufacturer’s service) in the process. If the world’s going to hell, you want to make sure the last thing you need to worry about is babying your gun.
  • Maneuverability – While you might be proud of your big bore elephant rifle, you’re going to be cussing at it while you’re dragging it around everywhere. The gun you select must be light and portable for travel. Also, it should be easily confined in smaller spaces, such as in a vehicle.
  • Simplicity – The firearm you choose absolutely must be both simple to operate and quick to reload. Also, consider the amount of equipment/ammo it takes and imagine carrying those around as well. Is it worth it to bring and use in a potentially high-stress, crunch-time situation? If not, find a simpler one.
  • Capability – How capable is your firearm of doing what you’re expecting it to do? Is it best at taking on multiple offenders, or picking off one at a time? And at what distance? Is it meant to kill a bear, or a human? Asking these questions will help ensure you get the perfect firearm for your needs.
  • Perfection Is Not A Reality – There’s so many options of firearms out there that even the most avid preppers have a difficult time deciding which to choose. But, there are some that become paralyzed with fear of choosing the “wrong one,” I call it “analysis paralysis.” Well, I figure if you wait to find the perfect rifle (or anything perfect in life), you’re gonna be waiting a long time. First recognize that nothing is without its drawbacks, and then make sure the gun you’re looking at fits the above criteria.

2 – The Great Debate: Pistol Vs. Rifle

selecting a rifle for survival

Seems like everyone’s got an opinion on this one, so we’ll give you ours.

When comparing the two, we’ve found that rifles seem to be the most effective at facing a variety of situations, from self-defense to combat.

Plus, we’ve found that the rifle is also the most versatile for hunting, security and other post-crisis situations.


However, do we feel the rifle is the end-all-be-all of the firearm world? Absolutely not.

We believe, ideally, preppers should arm themselves with an assortment of hardware to help prepare themselves for any situation.

3 – Know Where To Buy

You don’t necessarily need to walk into a gun shop to purchase your survival rifle; there’s a few other places we know preppers tend to like better (especially when they want to try to keep out of the government’s watchful eye).

Some options include gun shows (many require a membership, which include fees as well as a background check), and also various trading arms websites, such as Armslist.

Another option is to receive a gun as a gift from a family member; this is a very common practice for preppers.

In any scenario, keep in mind it is always better to pay with cash only (rather than credit card) to help keep yourself anonymous.

Now, speaking of paying with cash only, I recognize that it’s 2016 now and most people don’t carry cash around anymore to pay for their necessary purchases.

And that makes sense, because if you’ve got your credit card in your wallet (and you’re very good about keeping track of it), your identity is still safe from thieves and identity theft…right?

Not necessarily. Turn your credit card over and you’ll see the magnetic strip on the back – because of this strip, thieves can STILL track you and steal your identity (not to mention your money) by using pocket-sized computers…even if your card never leaves your wallet or purse.

So now the question is, do you only carry cash, constantly using ATM’s and crying out with frustration when the store you’re at doesn’t have one? Do you cut up your credit cards for good?

Or…do you continue to use credit cards for normal purchases and, instead, stop those thieves in their tracks?

Our Safe Wallet Shield will help you do just that. This tiny, lightweight sleeve uses advanced technology and a special alloy to instantly block thieves from attempting to steal your info no matter where you are.

Used by federal agents (and those of us that want our private information to remain…well…private), Safe Wallet Shields help ensure your bank account, personal information and peace of mind remain protected.

Click here or on the pictures below to shield yourself from identity theft today:

selecting a rifle for survival   selecting a rifle for survival


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