How To Prep For Your Pets

prep for your petsDeciding if you should prep for your pet or not is a huge decision that should be made by each family.

It’s also a decision that should not be taken lightly, and should be thought of in advance – not in the heat of an impending crisis.

There are various things to consider when deciding to prep for a pet – for one, your pet will be considered a human being when SHTF, meaning it will require the same resources (food, water, shelter) that you do.

In addition, you’ll need to consider both the likelihood of your pet running off while bugging out, as well as your pet’s ability to keep quiet if you’re in a stealth situation.

However, there are huge upsides to bringing your pet with you in a crisis; for example, dogs can help keep you warm, and those trained to hunt are an enormous asset when it comes to gathering food. Dogs’ senses are also heightened, and they can warn you of danger.

Pets also provide a much needed morale boost, and can help provide motivation to keep on going; after all, they’re depending on you for survival.

If you decide to prep for your dog/cat for an emergency, this is the blog to read. I’m about to help you out with this task with some tips on…

How To Prep For Your Pets

1 – Train Your Pet For A Crisis

It’s crucial to start training your pet for a crisis right now – and this goes beyond the simple “sit, stay, lay down” training. For example, if your pet is capable, you can teach it to hunt. This will be an enormous asset for you later on in a crisis.

Another way to train your animal is to bring it into the wilderness (or any other location you might choose to bug out in) well before a crisis occurs. Doing this allows your pet to get used to these surroundings and feel comfortable in them.

You should also make sure to train your pet to stay close to you during these outings; after all, you never want to spend valuable time, space and money prepping for your pet, only to have it run off as soon as you head out.

Here’s a video with more info on preparing your pets for a crisis: 

2 – Bring Your Pet’s Paperwork

Remember when I mentioned that your pet needs to be treated like another human being when SHTF? Well, the same goes for your pet’s paperwork – you’ll need to bring along their vet records and vaccination documents.

You can bring hard copies of these, or add them to a flash drive that you keep on you.

It’s also important to get ID tags for them and to microchip them in case they get lost. You should also bring along a current photo of them to show to people if they’ve gone missing.

Note: If you decide to send your pet to a shelter or friend’s house instead, you’ll still need the above documents, as well as instructions on how to take care of each pet.

3 – Prepare A Bug Out Bag

It’s often much simpler to prepare a separate bug out bag for a pet – this eliminates the need for using up valuable space in your own bug out bag, and it helps ensure that you remember everything needed for the pet.

Below is a list of certain items you’ll need to include to prep for your pet (this is not an all-inclusive list, but rather a great starting point):

  • Pet Food (keep in mind if your pet is a picky eater, you’ll need to stock accordingly)
  • Water for Pet (remember, you’ll need to ration enough for you and your family, as well as for your pet)
  • Pet Medications (old pill bottles are great for separating/storing these)
  • Flea/Tick Prevention
  • Leashes and Pet Carriers
  • Pet Toys (important for keeping both of you entertained)
  • Litter Box/Waste Disposal (typically for cats)
  • Grooming Supplies

Here’s a video of a prepper stocking up on preps for her two dogs:

Note: If you watched the video above, you saw the woman having to set aside dog food little by little every three weeks in order to prep. You could do that…or you could eliminate the hassle by ordering our Emergency Cat and Dog Food rations!

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prep for your petsprep for your pets

It’s so important to prep adequately for your pets in order to give them their best chance at survival.

We here at Survival Frog believe in pet prepping, and therefore we’ve included two different emergency kits in our online store – one for dogs, and another for cats.

Both kits are packed to the brim with pet essentials such as food, water, pet first-aid kits, rope, blankets, 12-hour light sticks, content cards, waste bags, and leashes.

They each also come with foldable food bowls, whistles, hand-cranking can openers, and dog/cat specific toys to keep your pet happy and entertained in a crisis.

These kits were created after Hurricane Katrina, when hundreds of people hadn’t prepared for their pets’ survival before disaster struck. We want to help keep you (and your pets) from the same fate.

Get one of our premium dog or cat emergency kits today, and be better prepared for what’s up ahead. After all, there’s nothing worse than regret and wishing you had planned ahead.

Click on either the Dog Kit (top picture) or Cat Kit (bottom picture) for additional details.

prep for your pets


prep for your pets



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