Holiday Gift Guide for Preppers and Non-Preppers

With the holidays coming up, you’re probably thinking about what to get for your loved ones. You want to get them something they’ll like, and also something that they’ll find useful…but where should you start?

This gift guide will give you some great ideas for what to get for your loved ones, whether they’re a prepper or not. You’ll see what to get for a prepper, an outdoors/camping enthusiast, and a student.

What to Get For a Prepper

If you’re buying for a prepper, you can go all out. Anything that might help during a crisis is a welcome addition to a prepper’s collection.

QuadraPro Solar Charger: Power will be out during a crisis, so being able to use solar power is an absolute must for any prepper.

Tough Tesla Lighter: Uses plasma arcs to start fires at the push of a button.

Weatherproof Matches: Small, cheap, and undeniably useful for bugging out.

6-in-1 Car Escape Tool: This handy little tool is meant to stay in the car. It’s useful even if there isn’t an emergency because it also acts as a phone charger. They’ll think of you everytime they hop in their car.

Tact Bivvy 2.0: Hypothermia is a big issue on preppers’ minds, and the Tact Bivvy 2.0 is the thing that beats it. Any prepper would be glad to get this emergency sleeping bag as a gift.

Tact 9-in-1 Shovel: This tactical shovel is actually nine tools in one. Each part can be swapped out to suit the task at hand.

Emergency Solar Blanket: Useful for making shelters and for warding off the cold. Small, lightweight, and just under $6, this piece of survival gear makes a great stocking stuffer.

Water Pouches: Water is one of the most important resources to have during a crisis. Having extra water is never a bad thing. Use these emergency water pouches as a well-thought-out stocking stuffer.

Pocket Stove (with Hex Tabs): Cooking food when SHTF will be a challenge, so why not help them out by getting them the pocket stove? It’s small enough to fit in your hand, and it cranks out enough heat to cook a regular meal.

Mini Tact Light: Everyone needs a good tactical flashlight. Get one for them this holiday season and they’ll thank you for it.

Magnesium Fire Starter: Modern firestarters are great, but it’s good to have a fire striker as a backup plan.

Lifeshield All-in-One Kit: Want to go all out and really “WOW” a prepper you know? Get them the Lifeshield All-in-One Kit and watch their jaw drop. This package includes a bug-out bag and six essential survival kits to go with it. Needless to say, you’ll really get their attention with a gift like this.

Lightweight Dry Bags: Give them a place to store all their survival gear so it won’t get damaged by water.

What to Get For an Outdoors/Camping Enthusiast

If you’re buying for an outdoors/camping enthusiast, then they probably aren’t preparing for the end of the world…but you can still find them plenty of things they’ll find useful out in the woods or on the trail.

QuickHeat HandWarmer: It can get pretty cold out in the woods, so give them a way to warm up. This little electric hand warmer will keep their hands warm on those long treks outdoors.

LifeStraw Water Filter: Give them the LifeStraw as a gift and they’ll always have access to clean drinking water wherever there’s a pond, stream, or creek.

BioLite Camp Stove: This unique tool acts as a stove and as a charger for electronic devices. It’s a bit of a strange combination, but everyone who uses the BioLite Camp Stove loves it!

Solo Bivvy Tent: Why set up a big, bulky tent just for one person? The Solo Bivvy Tent is designed to fit one person and it’s super easy to set up, too. They’ll be glad to have it every time they go camping.

Pocket Light: Being able to see your campsite at night is important, but regular flashlights don’t do a good job of it. But the Pocket Light is a solar lantern. It’ll easily light up their entire campsite so they can move around freely.

USB Rechargeable Batteries: Going through batteries like crazy is more than just inconvenient, it’s also expensive. These rechargeable USB batteries will save them money every time they use them.

Solar Power Bank: There aren’t any power outlets out in the woods, but your loved one can still charge up their phone if they have the Solar Power Bank with them. Just clip it onto their backpack and they’ll always have backup power when they need it.

Pocket Radio: It can get pretty boring sitting around in the woods for hours, so get them this little pocket radio to liven things up while they’re out there.

Tactical Backpack: Tactical backpacks aren’t just for preppers. Outdoorsman make good use of them too as a way to comfortable carry all their equipment.

Water Bladder: Get them a water bladder and they won’t have to carry several bottles of water with them anymore. They’ll just fill up the bladder and stuff it in their backpack.

Mountain House Food: Outdoorsmen don’t want complicated, they want simple…and it doesn’t get simpler than Mountain House Food. Just tear the bag open and add hot water. They’ll love you for providing them with a hot and delicious meal even while away from home.

What to Get For a Student

A student probably isn’t interested in prepping or the outdoors, but you can still get them survival/prepping gifts that they’ll love and use.

QuickHeat HandWarmer: Keep them warm and cozy in their dorm this winter with this rechargeable hand warmer. They can set it by their laptop to keep their fingers warm on those cold winter nights.

Power Card: The Power Card provides backup power to cell phones in case they need to make an emergency call. It fits perfectly inside of wallets, which means nobody else will see they have “prepping gear” and they’ll be more willing to use it.

6-in-1 Car Escape Tool: Stays inside their car until they need to use it. Can also be used as a phone charger. Looks almost exactly like an ordinary car phone charger.

Pocket Jumper: If their car’s battery runs out of power, they’ll be able to use the Pocket Jumper to start their car up all on their own. Now you don’t have to worry about them breaking down and not knowing what to do.

Scream Whistle: Keep your loved ones safe on campus by giving them a “scream whistle”. If they’re attacked or are in any sort of danger, they can blow this extremely loud whistle to alert nearby people for help.

Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Case: Pretty much everyone has a cell phone these days, and students can’t live without them. Help them keep their cell phone safe from water damage with this waterproof case. It works with every phone, no matter what kind it is.

Survival Playing Cards: Have some good old-fashioned fun by playing some card games…with a survival/prepper twist! This is a great way to introduce a non-prepper to prepping in a fun and non-threating way.

No matter what kind of person you’re buying gifts for, you’re sure to have found something on this list that will suit their taste.


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