The Pros and Cons of an EDC Kit

EDC KitChances are you have an EDC kit on you right now. The contents may not be the typical items that come to mind when preppers talk about EDC (Every Day Carry), but I’m betting you always put your wallet, phone, and keys in your pocket (or purse) when you head out.

Literally speaking, that’s your EDC.

Now, having those items can be handy in a lot of situations, but they leave a lot of room for improvement in terms of keeping you prepared for the worst.

Usually, an EDC denotes items you carry with you every day that also serve a specific survival purpose. Many people also include a handgun (or two) in with their EDC.

The right EDC can definitely come in handy, but there are cons of having one, too.

I’ll discuss both the pros and cons in this article and give you some tips on the best items to keep in your EDC.

The Pros and Cons of an EDC Kit

If you talk to anyone with real life tactical, military, or L.E.O experience, they’ll tell you they have an EDC. 

And once you read all the reasons to have one, you’ll likely see how essential these kits are.

Reasons to Have an EDC Kit

1 – Preparedness

Making sure you’re prepared for a variety of unexpected situations is the main reason to have an EDC.

Your EDC should be tailored to your specific daily needs, but it should also include one or more survival tools that can help you get out of a sticky situation fast.

One example would be a small knife. Chances are, your day-to-day routine doesn’t require you to have a knife available at all times, but it could certainly come in handy if you were in a car accident and needed to cut your way out of a seat belt.

2 – Convenience

In addition to keeping you prepared for the worst, having an EDC can be very convenient.

The average person usually has a flashlight in their home, but that’s only useful if you’re at your house.

Your EDC will save you time digging for the right tool and prevent you from having to abandon a project just because you aren’t equipped to handle it.

3 – Personal Safety

If you chose to add a self-defense tool to your EDC, it could make a difference in the event that you or a loved one is attacked.

Many times, thieves and muggers target people they think will be easy prey. Even pulling out a small blade and demonstrating that you are armed can be enough to scare off an attacker or de-escalate a hostile situation.

Downsides of an EDC Kit

1 – Comfort

For many people, keeping your EDC at arm’s reach means storing everything in your pockets.

This can quickly become cumbersome depending on what items you decide to include in your kit. Taken to an extreme, an EDC can stop being convenient and turn into nothing more than a burden.

2 – Liability

In certain situations, carrying a weapon can be a liability.

This is especially true if your EDC includes a concealed weapon. Even if you’re a law-abiding citizen with zero intent to harm anyone (except in self-defense), people can get the wrong impression if they see that you are armed.

Essential Tools to Keep in Your EDC

1 – Flashlight

edc kit

Yes, most smartphones have a built-in flashlight, but you should still consider adding a separate light to your EDC.

For one thing, using the built-in light can eat up your battery quick. Another reason is the fact that the light on your phone can’t really compare to a good tactical flashlight.

2 – Multitool

A good multitool will probably get the most use out of any of the items in your EDC.

They’re perfect for making quick fixes and give you a toolbox’s worth of tool in one pocket-sized package.

3 – Knife

If needed, your EDC knife could be used for self-defense, but more often than not it’ll simply be another practical tool at your disposal.

Do you have an EDC? Share the must-have items you keep in your kit in the comments below.


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