40 Survival Tools to Stockpile Before Christmas

survival items to stockpileThe weather’s getting colder, the drinks are getting warmer, and it’s time to discuss the 40 survival items to stockpile before Christmas!

I think we can all agree that this month’s election has put us all on edge; and, especially if the wrong person is elected, it’s incredibly likely we’ll need these survival items BEFORE Christmas hits.

Scroll through the following list to make sure you have each and every survival item stocked away for future use.

Please keep in mind this is not an all-encompassing list, but rather 40 important survival tools that are typically helpful in a crisis.

Do your preparing Now! After all, it’s better to be stocked up and survive, then to procrastinate and wish you had prepared!

40 Survival Tools to Stockpile Before Christmas

1 – Trash Bags

This one might have you scratching your head, but trash bags are actually an incredible survival tool and have a TON of survival uses (click here to read about them). Make sure you have a couple of sizes stockpiled for any situation.

2 – Duct Tape

Because you can tape things down, help secure a bug out shelter, keep survival tools together and do about 100+ other things with this awesome invention.

3 – Pain Reliever

Make sure to have a couple different pain relievers (such as Advil or Ibuprofen) stocked up and ready to go. These can help with headaches, joint pain, fevers, inflammation, and so much more.

4 – Emergency Water

Make sure to have plenty of emergency water stocked up. Prepare for using about 2 gallons of water per person each day.

We recommend using the following survival tools for storing your emergency water:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

5 – Dried Beans & Rice

Dried beans and rice are cheap, easy to cook with and extremely versatile. Plus, they’re packed with nutrition and will help keep you full in a crisis.

6 – Powdered Milk

When SHTF you can bet you’ll need your calcium more than ever before. Plus it’s incredibly easy to make, and it can be substituted for regular milk in almost any recipe. This is an especially important survival tool to stock up on if you have children.

We’ve got some awesome powdered milk in our online survival store that you can stock up on:

survival tools to stockpile

Note: Powdered milk isn’t just for drinking – see its alternative uses here.

7 – Lighters

Don’t put yourself in a position where you’re having to rub two sticks together to create a spark. Have a couple dependable, rechargeable lighters that will help you get a fire going in a flash.

We’ve got an incredible, rechargeable lighter that our customers LOVE! See it below:

survival tools to stockpile

8  – Toilet Paper

I cannot stress this enough; toilet paper is going to be one of the first things stores run out of when SHTF (no pun intended). As such, you need to stock up with plenty of rolls for an upcoming emergency.

Note: However, if you find yourself out of stock, there’s a variety of things you can use instead of toilet paper. Read our blog about it here.

9 – Baking Soda

Baking soda is extremely useful for a variety of needs, such as for first-aid, cleaning and cooking. You can even combine it with water to use as a shampoo replacement!

Read even more survival uses for baking soda here.

10 – Canned & Dried Fruit

You can bet you’ll need the sugar, nutrients and fiber that come along with your daily doses of fruit. Canned and freeze-dried fruits are perfect for storage, since they are great tasting and stay fresh for years.

However, keep in mind that many canned varieties are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, making them not near as healthy as the fresh or freeze-dried version.

We recommend our delicious freeze-dried fruits below:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

11 – Storage Containers

Storage containers are awesome for a plethora of uses, such as holding survival tools.

Here’s some awesome storage containers you can safely store food (left) and ammo (right) in!

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

12 – Hard Liquor

That’s right – I said it. Alcohol is incredibly useful for sterilization, as well as for bartering, fire staring and for keeping people’s spirits up.

However, there are specific types that are better than others for survival. Find out which ones you need to stock up on here.

13 – Peanut Butter

Whether you prefer chunky or creamy, peanut butter provides a protein-packed punch that’ll help keep you full throughout the day. Plus, with a long storage life, it’s a must-have for stockpiling.

14 – Canned Meat

When SHTF you’re going to need multiple sources of natural protein that will help keep your family from starvation. Canned meats that have as little preservatives/artificial ingredients are best.

We HIGHLY recommend Survival Cave canned meats – they’re nutritious, long-lasting, and our customers LOVE them!

survival tools to stockpile

15 – Generator

If the power goes out, you’re going to need a generator to charge your devices. Choose one that’s lightweight and quiet. Also, make sure it doesn’t produce any harmful gases or fumes.

We highly recommend the following generators for survival:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

16 – Honey

Honey isn’t just a great additive to your tea and bread; it’s also got great medicinal uses and keeps for practically forever. If you can, choose raw honey for stockpiling.

17 – Illumination

It’s important to stock plenty of light sources to help you out when it gets dark. Camping lanterns and flashlights are all great options.

Here’s a few options we love:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

18 – Extra Batteries

Take inventory of your stockpile and find out which items you’ll be needing contain batteries. Make sure to have backups of each type.

19 – First-Aid Kit

First-aid kits are incredibly important when it comes to emergency situations. Whether you get a scrape or something more serious, you’re going to need the medical equipment to sterilize and bandage the wound before it becomes infected. Preparing with one of these kits could instantly help save your life.

Here are some exceptional first-aid kits that could save you when SHTF:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

20 – Extra Building Materials

Having extra nails, screws and wood can be very handy in an emergency situation, such as if a window breaks. The wood can even be used as a weapon

21 – Tactical Survival Gear

It’s not pleasant to think about, but when SHTF you’re going to need to have a variety of survival tools you can use to defend yourself. Make sure that these tools are compact enough to hide so you don’t look suspicious.

Here’s some great tactical survival gear you can use for self-defense:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

22 – Coffee & Tea

Let’s be honest – none of us are perky rays of sunshine when we haven’t had our morning caffeine. And when SHTF life is going to be even more stressful. Prepare now by stockpiling your coffee and tea (as well as filters a french press, and a kettle) to make sure you’re at your best.

We’ll get you all stocked up and caffeinated with our awesome coffee/tea supplies:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

23 – Canned/Freeze-Dried Vegetables

Vegetables provide tons of nutrients, fiber and healthy carbs to help keep you full. Without them, you’re bound to have nutrient deficiencies. Stock up on canned veggies or freeze-dried to help keep your meals balanced.

However, keep in mind canned varieties usually also provide a TON of salt, which is dangerous in large quantities. Keep your health in check by going with low sodium and freeze-dried varieties.

We highly recommend the following option:

survival tools to stockpile

24 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another fantastic multi-purpose survival tool; it can be used for curing acid reflux/heartburn, soothing sunburns, improving diabetes, healing poison ivy and even curing a sore throat! See more of its uses right here.

25 – Freeze-Dried Meals

The great thing about these survival meals is that they last for 25+ years, and they’re super easy to cook in an emergency. Just add boiling water!

We’ve got some delicious varieties below:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

26 – Waterproof Matches

Although we’ve listed lighters above, sometimes SHTF and they die or break on you. That’s why waterproof matches are an excellent alternative – they’re guaranteed to light no matter how hard it rains!

Here’s a few brands we highly recommend:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

27 – Extra Blankets

Blankets are a necessity when it comes to staying warm in an emergency, and also for avoiding hypothermia.

Stay warm and cozy with our soft and insulating Disaster Relief Blanket:

survival tools to stockpile

28 – Ways To Cook Survival Food

When SHTF you can bet you’ll need a solid, dependable way to heat up/cook your survival food.

We recommend using the following survival tools to get the job done right:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

29 – Emergency Shelter

Whether it’s a full-fledged tent or a tarp and some paracord, you need to be able to fashion a shelter that can help protect you from the elements. Homes are wonderful, but if you can’t be at house during an emergency, at least be prepared to stay the night outdoors.

Here’s some options for your next bug out shelter:

survival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpilesurvival tools to stockpile

30 – Paracord

I could go on and on about the 100+ survival uses for paracord, but instead I’ll just direct you to our blog about it here. 

We’ve got some top-selling paracord you’re sure to love here:

survival tools to stockpile

31 – Laundry Soap

Despite what we may think, we need to prepare for living life for multiple weeks outside our homes; and sometimes, that means allowing for the luxuries of laundry doing.

Want to know how to make your own? Click here.

32 – Games & Puzzles

When SHTF it’s still important to have games and entertainment around? This is incredibly important not only if you have kids, but also because they’re a great bartering tool. And plus, it’s important to be able to take your mind off stressful circumstances from time to time.

Here’s a fun card game that will entertain your family AND teach them about how to survive a variety of crises! This is one of our top sellers!

survival tools to stockpile

33 – Rock Salt

Rock salt is crucial to have in the wintertime; it’ll help your car get unstuck in the snow, and will help prevent you from slipping in ice. This is one survival tool that’s great for a wintertime bug out bag.

34 – Hygiene Kits

Hygiene is incredibly important in emergencies, especially because it gets taken for granted. However, taking care of your hygiene (i.e: teeth brushing, hair combing, showering, etc.) is one of the best ways to help ward off disease.

We’ve got excellent Male (left) and Female (right) Hygiene Kits you’re sure to love!


35 – Gasoline

If you plan on taking your car when SHTF, you’ll need to have extra gasoline stocked up. This is especially the case if the grid goes down.

36 –  Weatherproof Outerwear

Nobody enjoys getting rained/snowed on, especially in a crisis. Make sure you’ve got plenty of waterproof attire to keep you dry.

Here’s some great survival tools to help keep you dry;


37 – Fire Tinder

It’s imperative that you stock up on plenty of kindling for your fire. It’s especially great if you can get some that’s weatherproof to help ensure it works no matter what.

Here’s some options we love:

38 – A Way To Get Water

Sure, you should absolutely stock up on water for a crisis, but it’s also imperative that you have a system in place that will help you get fresh water when you need it if your supply runs out.

We HIGHLY recommend the LifeStraw Water Filter for this – and so do our customers!

39 – A Weather Radio

In a bug out situation it’s crucial that you have a heads up on what the weather’s doing, as well as what the local AM/FM news stations are saying. You can do all this and more by using a weather radio.

The following are absolutely fantastic options to aid you in a survival situation:

40 – Ways To Communicate

Cell phones are great, but they shouldn’t be the only means of communication that you depend on when SHTF. Be sure that you have other methods of communication in place (such as two-way radios) to ensure you can talk to your group effectively in a crisis.

Here’s a great option for communicating in a crisis:

Well there you have it – 40 survival items you need to stock up before Christmas.

Like I said, this is not an all-encompassing list; after all, I bet we could each think of at least 40 more survival items to add to this list that would help us survive.

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