11 Incredible Survival Uses For Mason Jars

mason jars

There’s no way around it – we preppers sure do love our mason jars.

And why wouldn’t we? These little glass marvels are some of the cheapest, most versatile survival tools on God’s green earth.

Mason jars are excellent for storing small items (that you might lose otherwise), and are perfect for canning and preserving survival food.

However, what if I was to tell you that these amazingly simple inventions have a surprising amount of uses – especially in a survival situation?

After reading this blog you’ll have an even better understanding of why it’s so crucial to have these little buggers on-hand. You might even want to add a few more to your stockpile just to be safe.

You’ll be astounded at these…

11 Incredible Survival Uses For Mason Jars

1 – Make A DIY Oil Lamp

With just a few supplies, you can easily transform a mason jar into your very own homemade oil lamp. This handy survival tool can easily help you light your way in pitch black darkness (and can even be used as a bartering tool).

Here’s a video explaining the process (keep in mind there are many ways to build a mason jar oil lamp; this is just one way):

However, if you’d rather have an easy, efficient, done-for-you solution, we invite you to check out our favorite survival lanterns below. The best part about these is you never have to worry about the candle blowing out! Check them out:

2 – Store Your Kindling

Kindling is one of those things that’s very easy to lose if it gets out; and that’s one thing you definitely don’t want to be without in a survival situation. To keep it stored together, throw your bark, dryer lint, etc. into a mason jar for safe keeping until you’re ready to use it.

Note: If you’re like me and you hate the idea of a bunch of bark/lint escaping in the wind, I highly recommend these extremely efficient fire starting options below:

3 – Self-Defense

If you’re in a pinch and need to defend yourself from enemies, you can break a mason jars and use the jagged edges of glass for self-defense. If you have the time, you can also fashion yourself an arrowhead with the broken pieces.

Or if you’re like me and want to save yourself the hassle, you can simply grab one of these awesome (and super effective) tactical survival tools instead. These could easily help save your life!

mason jarsmason jarsmason jarsmason jars

4 – Create Your Own First-Aid Kit

First-aid kits are crucial pieces of survival gear; without one, you can easily die a very preventable death. However, many first-aid kits are so big and bulky that they can be a hassle to carry with you.

One solution is to create your very own first-aid kit out of a mason jar. Simply place your gauze, bandages, tape, and other small first-aid items into the jar and seal the lid tightly. You now have a durable, waterproof first-aid kit ready for your next camping, hiking or bug out trip.

Note: If you don’t want to go through the trouble of collecting a bunch of first-aid items, you can simply purchase our pre-made compact waterproof first-aid kit instead! It’s packed with life-saving survival supplies, and is still small enough to easily fit on your keychain!

mason jars

5 – Make A Safe

If you need to hide your cash and precious documents, mason jars provide an effective storing space to hold them. After storing, simply screw the lid on tight and bury the jar somewhere on your property (just remember where you hid it!).

Note: Remember, this isn’t the only place you can hide your money! Read our blog to discover 14 additional hiding places.

Note: Keeping your physical cash safe is one thing; however, if you plan on keeping the money in your bank accounts from being stolen, you’re going to need these RFID blocking card shields right now.

mason jars

6 – Ammo Storage

Mason jars can make great storage containers for your ammo; this is a great way to keep it protected and keep it all in one place. Once you’ve stocked your jar full of ammunition, it may be a good idea to screw the lid on tight and bury it to prevent theft until future use.

Now mason jars are great, don’t get me wrong, but they’re only good before they shatter. If you want a really heavy duty ammo carrier, our AmmoBrick is made out of nearly indestructible plastic, and is guaranteed to protect your ammunition from any and all SHTF events. Plus it’s got a comfortable swing handle for easy transport! See it here or click the image below to make it yours.

mason jars

7 – A Jumbo Match Container

Stock up on matches and place them in a mason jar with a tightly sealed lid. You now have a waterproof match container that will help you can start a fire whenever you need.

However, a much easier option is to just carry weatherproof/waterproof matches (like the ones below); that way you won’t need the tightly sealed container to protect them from water damage. These are a life-saving survival tool; grab yours below!

mason jarsmason jars

8 – Start An Herb Garden

With the right equipment and materials, you can transform ordinary mason jars into planters for your new herb garden.

Below is a video showing you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these planters; it also gives you helpful tips on how to keep your herbs thriving (even if you live in an apartment or if you don’t have a green thumb):

In order to make this herb garden yourself you’re going to need some survival seeds…we’ve got you covered with ten different varieties! Check out our incredible herb garden bucket by clicking here or on the image below.

mason jars

9 – Make Your Own Sunscreen

When SHTF you can bet that you’ll be outside a lot, especially when traveling to a bug out location. As such, you’re going to have to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Unfortunately, many sunscreens today are made with harmful chemicals and toxins that seep into your body.

Luckily, with just a few simple all-natural ingredients you can make your own homemade sunscreen without those harmful side-effects. Here’s a video showing you how to do it:

If you don’t have time to make your own sunscreen but you still need to protect your skin while bugging out, we recommend bringing this awesome 130-piece emergency first-aid kit with you. It contains life-saving survival supplies, PLUS sunscreen! Check it out below:

mason jars

10 – Meal Planning

Now I know that many of us use mason jars for canning foods, or even to hold dry goods like rice and beans. However, what the lady in this video does is a game changer. Check it out:

The above tutorial is great; however, if you want prepared meals without going through the pain of portioning out all that food, let me introduce you to our top-rated, pre-portioned survival foods instead:

mason jars

11 – Make Your Own Emergency Candle

With just a few simple tools you can make your own emergency candles out of mason jars. These can really save you in a desperate situation.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make them:

Or, if you don’t want to go through all that trouble, simply get a few of our incredibly long-lasting emergency candles shipped right to your door! Click the images below for more details.

mason jarsmason jarsmason jars

BONUS: A Piggy Bank

We all could stand to save a few pennies; and, in today’s uncertain times, we need to save as much as we can for a major disaster.

That mason jar of yours can become your biggest asset when it comes to saving. Simply cut a slit into the lid of the jar, and slip loose change and dollar bills into it as you can. You can even set goals for yourself (i.e: putting in $5/day,  or $5/per week).

You’ll be surprised at how much your extra money will add up – and how much better prepared you’ll be in a crisis because of it!

BONUS: Homemade Wine

I saved the best for last; you can use mason jars and a few ingredients to make your own homemade wine! This is for sure going to be one of the best bartering tools you can have once SHTF. And if you prepare now and make a bunch of this wine, the payoff is bound to be HUGE once the wine has fermented!

Take a look at the entire process (start with the video at the top and move to the second beneath it):

Now as many preppers know, you can get mason jars at most grocery stores; you can even get them at a variety of home goods stores and wholesale businesses. You can also get them online.

However, if you want to get them the cheapest, one of the best places to search is at thrift stores and at donation centers (such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.).

Now since you’re reading this, I’m betting that you have some mason jars at home, and I bet you love the ability to use them as storage containers.

I love using mason jars as storage containers, too; after all, they’re crazy convenient. However, there are many things that mason jars just can’t hold – at least, not nearly as effectively as other containers.

That’s why Survival Frog has a variety of larger storage containers made to fit your needs.

Each of these storage containers is durable, BPA-free, dependable, and built to last. Plus, these containers were made to store specific survival items (such as survival food, emergency water, and ammunition) to help you thrive in a crisis.

Many of these containers have handles, allowing you to easily carry them when you’re on a bug out trip.

Like I said – mason jars are wonderful inventions, but there’s some things that they just can’t store as efficiently. And that’s where we come in.

Check out these awesome storage containers (broken down by category) below, and then click on the images to snag some for yourself before the next crisis occurs:


mason jars





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