14+ Signs That You Might Be A Prepper


You may THINK you’re a prepper…but can you prove it?

Truth is, there are lots of people out there claiming that they’re the real deal when it comes to prepping.…but many times these people don’t actually know the first thing about stocking up.

Luckily, we’ve got a way to tell the real preppers from the fake –  a list (in true, Jeff Foxworthy fashion) that’ll help you discern if you, your friends and your family family REALLY have what it takes to call yourselves “preppers.”

Read the list below and comment at the bottom with more ideas to add to the list!

14+ Signs That You Might Be A Prepper

1 – You Steal Your Neighbor’s Yard Waste

If you steal the dandelions in your neighbor’s trash bin to use for a salad, you might be a prepper.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here to see what you’re missing.

2 – You’ve Had Your Christmas List Made/Revised For Years

If people ask you what you want for Christmas, and you hand them your prepping list (along with color and quantity specifications for each item), you might be a prepper.

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3 – Your Selfies Say It All

If you have more selfies with your livestock than you do with your own children, you might be a prepper.

4 – You Have More Feminine Products Than Most Women

If you have more tampons, bobby pins, and pantyhose than your wife and sister combined, you might be a prepper.

Confused? Read our blogs on survival uses for tamponsbobby pins, and pantyhose to see why you’ll need to stock up on these items next.

5 – You Have Unorthodox Preferences

If you’d rather spend time watching YouTube tutorials on how to clean/cook a snake or on survival uses for safety pins rather than watching Game of Thrones or Sunday Night Football, you might be a prepper.

6 – Christmas Looks A Lot Like Survival

If your favorite holiday stocking stuffers are paracord, ammo, and firestarters, you might be a prepper.

And, if you’re REALLY a prepper, you have this awesome (and surprisingly functional) survival stocking to stuff them in! Click here or on the image below to grab a few for your friends and family this holiday season!

7 – You Call Him “Fluffy.” I Call Him “Dinner.”

If you’ve thought about excuses you could give to your kids for eating their pet in a survival situation, you might be a prepper.

8 – Lights Out (Please)!

If you secretly pray for a power outage just so you can use your new generators, tactical flashlights and night-vision monoculars, you might be a prepper.

We recommend these in particular…

9 – You Know The Super-Secret Lingo

If you learned absolutely nothing from this blog, you might be a prepper.

10 – Toilet Paper? Check!

If you’ve got more T.P stocked in your garage than Wal-Mart has in their entire back room, you might be a prepper.

When bugging out (or just camping), make sure to store your toilet paper in the comfortable, reliable Hassock Survival Toilet! Pair it with these Large Toilet Waste Bags for easy cleanup!

Keep in mind there are toilet paper alternatives you can use when SHTF (pardon the pun) – click here to see nine of them.

11 – You Stay Off The Trail

If you ask your friends to go for a hike just so that you can search for edible berries, insects and plants, you might be a prepper.

12 – Plan B? More Like Plan Z.

If you’ve got a backup to your backup to your backup plan, you might be a prepper.

13 – Canning Party, Anyone?

If you’ve got more Mason jars in your house than you do electronics, you might be a prepper.

Note: If you’re into storage containers (for water, food and ammo) you’re bound to love these!

14 – You Know What Type Of Prepper You Are

If you’ve already identified with at least one of the descriptions in this blog (and you’ve already matched up your friends and family), you might be a prepper.

Need more convincing? Here are 20 more signs that you might be a prepper…

Regardless of your score on this test, I think we can all agree that prepping is a crucial pastime for each of us in order to stay alive. And in these uncertain times, when it seems like our nation is more divided than ever, we each need to do everything we can in order to survive an impending crisis.

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