Video: 45 Incredible Survival Tips if SHTF

This video has some amazing and weird survival tips.

Be warned there is a slight bit of foul language.

Here’s 5 really cool ones I think you’ll like.

  • Use a soft guitar case as a bug-out-bag so it doesn’t draw attention to you.
  • Use an analog wrist watch to find true north (really cool).
  • Masking tape on a flashlight gives you light without giving you away.
  • If your Zippo runs out of fuel, you can use the cotton inside to start a fire.
  • A survival blanket in a tarp increases heat retention dramatically.


Not all of these are going to be practical.

But for what it’s worth using the knowledge found in this video will really help you when SHTF.

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Truth is you can never be too prepared and we’ve worked really hard to compile all of this information for you.

The truth is the intersection between knowledge and owning the gear needed for survival is the sweet spot you’re looking for.

Gear without knowledge won’t do you a lick of good, and knowledge without gear is almost as useless.

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4 thoughts on “

Video: 45 Incredible Survival Tips if SHTF

  1. Lyn Munro

    I appreciate what you are doing to help prepare us for the coming trouble ahead.
    Best wishes, Lyn

  2. Roxane

    I save a lot of pill bottles. I put stick matches in them also hydrogen peroxide in gauze then into a clean pill bottle. Also do the same with rubbing alcohol. For medical purposes.

  3. Donald Willey

    When the lights went out in this hirise for 3 hours, hard to finish my shower, then later to make a sandwich…ordered some “Puck” lights…use 3 AA batteries, and provide plenty of light for showering or making lunch! I live on 7th floor of highrise…don’t know how to cook or keep warm if no electricity…Any ideas? Be OK to use a little cooking thing that uses what looks like a round white fuel bar?

  4. EddieeW

    In my e-mails to my friends around the counrty, I have told some of what I’m doing to be prepared, and suggest that they too get prepared, because it’s going to happen!!


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