Use This Common Tree to Make All Natural Aspirin

Learn How to Make Aspirin In Your Own Backyard

Aspirin is a modern miracle when you think about it. Scientists took a commonly used natural pain reliever, isolated it, and then packaged it in a tiny pill you can take whenever a headache or sore muscles leave you in pain.

But what would you do if you were in an emergency situation and desperately needed aspirin and couldn’t find any?

What would you do then?

The good news is using a plant quite common to North America you could make aspirin in a matter of minutes…helping provide you with instant relief and giving you an increased ability o survive in a crisis.

Learn How to Make Your Own Aspirin

Fortunately making aspirin really isn’t difficult and can be done within a few minutes.

The main chemical at work inside of the aspirin you buy in the store is called salicin. And salicin is actually found in nature.

One of the best sources to use is the Willow tree.

Once you’ve located a willow tree following the 4-steps listed below will help you produce a natural alternative to the popular OTC pain pill with minimal effort.

WARNING: If you are allergic to aspirin or salicylates then don’t use willow bark to help with pain relief.

Likewise it’s important to limit your use of willow bark for pain treatment. Salicin can be quite potent and has the potential to cause overdose. 

Step 1. Locate a willow tree.

The willow tree family is quite broad, and most of the trees falling under the “willow” genus will help give you access to the salicin you need.

Trees such as Big-tooth Aspens, white, black, purple willows, weeping willows, quaking aspens, crack willows, and others will give you what you need.

Make sure you are able to identify the tree or else you might make yourself really sick!

Step 2. Peel off bark.

The salicin you’re looking for is located in the tree’s bark. You can either peel the bark or shave it off in long strips.

Once you peel off the bark you’re going to check and make sure you have the soft, fleshy inner bark. If the bark you’re holding is dry and crumbly go back to the tree to get more of the soft inner bark.

You can even scrape it with a sharp blade if the bark is unyielding and firmly attached to the tree.

Step 3. Boil water and make a tea

Pay close attention to these instructions.

You’re only going to need to around 2 teaspoons of the inner bark. Any more and you’re risking overdosing and any less and you’re not going to get the full benefit of  the salicin.

Take the 2 teaspoons and simmer it in boiling water for around 10 minutes and then drink.

If the taste is too much adding some natural mint to the tea can help to make it a little more enjoyable to drink.

Step 4. Don’t overdose and chew if you must

Because you’ve just made medicine it’s really important you don’t drink too much.

If you’ve made the tea with 2 teaspoons of bark then limit yourself to about 4 cups in a day.

If you can’t make a tea then you can try chewing on the inner bark for the same effect. Just don’t overdo it and chew tons of “new” pieces all day long.

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Use This Common Tree to Make All Natural Aspirin

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    The leaves of common wood violets with purple flowers also contain salicylates and can be boiled to extract the pain reliever.


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