20+ Survival Uses For Bobby Pins

survival uses for bobby pinsMy mind is officially blown – turns out there’s TONS of survival uses for bobby pins. 

This is a huge surprise to me – after all, I never used bobby pins growing up. After all, that was a woman’s item, and one that I never had experience with.

However, turns out these little pieces of metal have TONS of survival uses for when SHTF. After all, Navy SEALs even pack them in their EDC Kits, so you know they’ve got to be good.

P.S: Want to know what else Navy SEALscarry to survive in an urban area? See our blog on that here

If you’ve got women in your house, you’ve probably got loads of bobby pins lying around. Well, I’m about to teach you how to put these to good use with this blog on…

20+ Survival Uses For Bobby Pins

1 – Save That Toothpaste

If you’re in a SHTF situation, you’re going to need to use every last drop of your resources – and that includes your toothpaste. Slip a bobby pin around the bottom of the tube. Then squeeze and start sliding the pin to the top of the tube. This will push all the toothpaste to the top.

If you’re needing some travel toothpaste, it’s included in our incredibly handy separate Male and Female hygiene kits!

We’ve also included a link to see our Emergency Deluxe Dental First Aid Kit – perfect for SHTF situations when you have a dental emergency and can’t go to a dentist (instructions included)!

Click the images below to see…

survival uses for bobby pins


survival uses for bobby pins


survival uses for bobby pins


2 – DIY Money Clip

If you haven’t got a money clip or wallet around, you can still keep your bills secure by holding them together with a bobby pin. Store them in your pocket or bug out bag. Or, ladies can store bills by attaching this money clip to their bra for a sneaky hiding place.

3 – DIY Zipper Head

If the head of your zipper breaks off, you can loop the bobby pin through the base of it to help keep your pants zipped and your pockets shut.

Or, if you want a zipper pull that’s WAY more effective for survival than even your current unbroken one, invest in our AWESOME These zipper pulls contain over 3.5 ft of 550 lb paracord (in a cool patriotic pattern), which can help you in countless survival situations.

Click here or on the image below to make your zipper pulls work for YOU in an emergency!

survival uses for bobby pins

4 – Save Your Electronics

Many electronics have a tiny reset button you can press when they’re a bit out of whack. However, this button is often so tiny you can’t press it with your fingernail alone. Use a bobby pin to press the button and get your electronics functioning normally again.

If you’re like me, you hate worrying about electronics with batteries – for some reason they always seem to go haywire for no good reason. Avoid the batteries and invest in our  Solar-powered gear instead!

5  – Sewing Helper

If you’re sewing a survival blanket, jacket, etc. you can use a bobby pin to hold the two fabric sheets together while you work. This works really well for hand-stitching or if you’re using a machine.

However, if you want to skip the sewing frustrations, we’ve got a really nice and cozy disaster relief blanket that’s already made for you. Click here or on the image below to snag it.

survival uses for bobby pins

6 – Hem Your Jeans

If your pant legs are too long, you don’t want to be treading on them as you’re heading to your bug out shelter. Give them a quick hem by folding the bottoms up and then securing them with a bobby pin.

7 – Open A Zip Tie

Zip ties are awesome for holding things together or for making makeshift handcuffs; however, they can become a pain to unlock. Insert a bobby pin into the lock of the zip tie to set yourself (and your stuff) free.

Note: Want to read about more cool zip tie survival uses? We’ve got 12 of them here.

8 – Keep Your Survival Food Fresh

If you’ve got survival food that’s good for multiple meals (like chips, rice, etc.) you can slip a bobby pin over the top of the bag to help keep your survival food fresh and secure.

Speaking of survival food, did you know we have a TON in our online store?! Here’s some of the most popular ones:

survival uses for bobby pinssurvival uses for bobby pinssurvival uses for bobby pins

9 – Pit Your Cherries

If you want to avoid swallowing the pits in your olives or cherries, push the bobby pin into the fruit so that one end is on each side of the pit. Push until the ends come out the other side. Then pull the bobby pin ends through, causing the pit to come out with the rest of it.

However, if you want to avoid this hassle and get straight to eating cherries that have already been pitted (as well as mangos, grapes, blackberries, bananas, and pineapples), I HIGHLY suggest stocking up on the tropical freeze-dried fruits below!

survival uses for bobby pins

10 – Mark Your Tape

When you’re done using clear tape, slip the remaining end through the middle of a bobby pin and tape around it. That way you’ll never lose the end of your tape again, and won’t have to search and scratch for it like you would otherwise.

If you need stronger tape, we’ve got industrial duct tape that’s sure to meet your needs for most any project. Check it out below:

survival uses for bobby pins

11 – Keep Out The Fumes

If you’ve got nasty smells around you (i.e: trash, skunks, or waste) you can plus up your nose by placing a bobby pin on top of your nostrils and keep walking. Note: Some noses are larger than others, so this won’t work for everyone.

12 – Pick A Lock

Bobby pins can be a great survival tool for helping you pick locks. Just sayin’.

13 – Short-Circuiting

You can use a bobby pin to short-circuit various electronics. However, keep in mind this will ruin the bobby pin.

14 – Keep Your Hair Back

Is this one obvious? Yes. However, bobby pins are incredibly useful for helping keep all the hair out of your eyes.

If you want to make sure your hair is squeaky clean when you pull it back with those bobby pins (even if you’re camping or bugging out for weeks), you’ll need our awesome Jumbo Campers shower (below).

Pair it with our Male and Female Hygiene Kits (shown under #1 of this article) to have the ultimate shower experience!

survival uses for bobby pins

15 – Get Out The Hair

Avoid having to call a plumber by using a bobby pin to snag the clogged hair out of the drain. This will help keep your pipes free from build-up.

16 – Make A Chain

You can string a ton of bobby pins together to form a long chain.

However, paracord and rope work WAY better if you need something strong. Grab some below:

survival uses for bobby pins


survival uses for bobby pins


17 – Keep Your Papers Together

If you’ve got important documents that need to be kept together, you can secure them with a bobby pin.

18 – Save Your Fingers

Most people have accidentally hit their finger with a hammer – so they know how much this hurts. To avoid this, slip a nail in between the sides of the bobby pin.

Hold the bottom of the pin, and then start hammering the nail into the wall. This way your fingers will be holding the bobby pin and won’t get in the way of the hammer!

19 – Hang Up The Clothes

If you’re hanging your clothes out to dry, you can use bobby pins to secure the clothes to the line.

20 – DIY Screwdriver

If you don’t have your screwdriver handy, you can still get that screw out by inserting a bobby pin into the head and then twisting. Sure it isn’t the fastest tool in the world, but it’ll get the job done.

Now I knew you guys wouldn’t be satisfied with just those 20 survival uses of bobby pins – that’s why I’ve included two additional videos with even more great bobby pin hacks. Enjoy!

Remember how I said bobby pins were crazy useful? Well, they are, but they’re not the ideal go-to solution when you need a screwdriver. Sure, they’ll get the job done, but can you really afford to sit there for minutes (or maybe even hours) trying to twist the bobby pin just right in order to get the screw out?

Sounds like a waste of time to me (as well as a good way to get a lot of hand cramps for nothing).

If you don’t want to carry around a screwdriver when SHTF, I highly suggest using our Stainless Steel Pocket Knife instead.

Not only does this cool pocket knife contain a Phillips and flat head screwdriver, but it also has a multitude of other incredible uses, such as:

  • Can opener
  • Corkscrew
  • Hook disgorger for when you want to eat the fish you caught
  • Hole puncher
  • Small blade for precision cutting
  • Rope/wood saw
  • Self-defense blade
  • Fish scaler
  • Scissors

Unlike a screwdriver, this handy survival tool has a multitude of survival uses in one tiny gadget. Plus, it’s so compact and lightweight that it’ll easily fit in your pocket (or in its super small carrying case) for easy transport.

If you’re in a survival situation, don’t depend on a flimsy bobby pin to save you. Depend on this super handy stainless steel pocket knife instead. Click here or on the image below to get yours right now.

survival uses for bobby pins


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