Why Preppers Aren’t Safe With President Trump In Office

President TrumpI don’t know about you, but I’m a little shocked at how many people think prepping is no longer necessary under President Trump.

It seems like overnight a bunch of folks decided to put their prepping on hold and see what changes President Trump brings to the White House and the country as a whole.

I’m an optimistic guy, but I’m also a realist. I don’t feel comfortable letting my guard down and expecting anyone else to save me when SHTF.  No matter your political party, it’s imperative that you stay alert and avoid making any of the following prepping mistakes.

Why Preppers Aren’t Safe with President Trump in Office

This article isn’t really about President Trump (or any politician) because being prepared isn’t about who’s in office.

The fact is, some threats never change, and many of the most dangerous threats are beyond human control. If you’re happy about the Trump presidency, I’m happy for you, but that is no excuse to turn a blind eye to the plethora of issues that we all need to prepare for.

Not Being Prepared for a Natural Disaster

From a purely statistical standpoint, we are all likely to experience at least one natural disaster in our lifetime.

Not only will you be required to deal with the immediate danger of an event like an earthquake or a flood, but you’ll also have to deal with the aftermath.

There is little to nothing a person can do to prevent a natural disaster, but all of us can make sure we’re prepared for one.

Proper disaster preparedness will depend on where you live, but there are a few steps everyone should take to make sure they are prepared:

  • Create a bug out plan. When evacuations were ordered over the Oroville Dam, many residents had no idea what to do or where to go. You need to put a plan in place for what happens if you’re ever forced to leave your home.
  • Stock up on emergency supplies in advance. At a bare minimum, it’s recommended that you have 72 hours worth of supplies on hand at all times.
    Note: Supplies means more than just food and water. An All-Purpose First-Aid Kit should definitely be part of your emergency kit.
  • Learn how to turn off your utilities. A gas leak or an electrical fire can turn an emergency situation from awful to even worse. Plan ahead a make sure you know how to shut off the utilities in your home.

Lack of a Sustainable Food Source

Every so often, the city I live in gets hit with a big winter storm.

When this happens, people make sure to stock up on food and supplies just days in advance. As a result, grocery stores run out of many essential items like bread and milk.

This all happens because of a blizzard that was predicted by meteorologists.

Can you imagine what would happen during a sudden emergency? What about a sustained EOTHAWKI scenario?

In addition to having a well-stocked emergency pantry, it’s important to create a sustainable source of food for yourself and your family. A backyard garden is both a good hobby and a useful survival tool. Or you can take your gardening to the next level by learning how to grow crops hydroponically.

Not Preparing Financially for the Future

President Trump

As of this writing, the DOW is up, and the dollar is strong.

But most Americans have less than $1000 in their savings.

When we talk about SHTF situations, most people probably think of a person fending for themself in the wilderness.

The truth is, many households are living paycheck to paycheck, and even a minor emergency can send them into a tailspin.

Financial planning may not be exciting, but it should be a part of your preparedness plan. As automation becomes the norm, more and more people may find themselves without a steady paycheck.

President Trump may have campaigned on a promise to “Make America Great Again,” but I think we can all agree that Americans need to practice more self-reliance, regardless of who’s president.

Set a budget and start growing a six month emergency fund if you don’t have one already.

No Off-Grid Survival Tools

President Trump

President Trump himself questions whether computer networks can ever be fully protected from hackers.

Furthermore, electric companies across the country have reported numerous attacks which resulted in outages and other power disturbances. Indeed, any seasoned prepper will tell you that the electrical grid is one of the most vulnerable parts of our infrastructure.

Even if you ignore all the hoopla over Russian hackers and fake news, there is simply no denying the importance of being able to survive completely off-grid.

There are a number of reliable (and affordable) solar solutions available that can help you get buy if the power goes out.

Will you be relying on your smartphone to keep you informed with SHTF?

An alarming amount of the populace cannot live without their fancy phones. It tells them when to wake up, where to drive, and it is usually their primary source of information.

Of course, cell phones will be next to useless if the grid goes down, so make sure your emergency supplies includes an old-school radio.

A tool like the Kaito Pocket Radio offers life-saving power in a portable package.

The radio is capable of receiving AM and FM bands and can help keep you informed during an emergency.

Click here or on the image below to learn more.

President Trump


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Why Preppers Aren’t Safe With President Trump In Office

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