The 10 Best Survival Gifts For The Holiday Season

best survival gifts

The holiday season is upon us – which means it’s time to make sure you have these 10 best survival gifts under the tree!

Christmas  is meant to be a time of joy, gratitude and peace among our fellow preppers.

Unfortunately, for many the holidays can become a time of stress, frustration, and heavy remorse…and that’s typically because they bought the wrong survival gifts for their friends and family.

Luckily, it’s only the first week of December – which means you have plenty of time to return those sweaters you were initially going to give. Instead, prepare for this Christmas season by purchasing survival gifts your prepping friends and family will actually love!

Each of the survival gifts I’m about to show you have been top-rated by preppers like you. Plus they’re extremely versatile, and perfect for any camping, hiking or SHTF scenario. Your loved ones will want to use these handy gadgets all year ’round!

The best thing, though, is that these survival gifts aren’t crazy expensive. In fact, many of them are $20 or less; that means you can give your prepping community the gift of survival, all while saving a bunch of money for yourself. A win-win!

And, with free shipping on orders over $50 (or with free shipping on ANY purchase if you’re one of our VIP Buyer’s Club members)  you can be certain you get the most bang for your buck this holiday season.

Important Reminder: TODAY (12/8/16) is the LAST DAY to get free shipping on our survival products in order to get them shipped by Christmas! Get them now before it’s too late!

Believe it or not, you still have time to make this holiday season the best and most memorable one yet for the preppers you love most. And, if you act fast and purchase these gifts by the end of today, your survival gifts will be guaranteed to deliver in time for Christmas.

Alright, I’m going to stop yammering on and get to the good stuff. Here are…

The 10 Best Survival Gifts For The Holiday Season

best survival gifts


The Survival Frog Pocket Stove is an absolute essential when it comes to camping or bugging out. This compact survival stove is so small that it’ll easily fit inside your pocket or bug out bag. And, with a weight of only 3.8 oz, you can rest assured that it won’t ever weigh you down.

The Pocket Stove also comes with smokeless fuel tablets – a must-have for preppers that don’t want to be found in a survival situation. Each of these tiny tablets was built to produce smoke-free flames, guaranteeing that you can boil water and cook survival food – all without inhaling smokey fumes or revealing your location with a trail of smoke.

This miraculous invention is also completely self-contained, making cleanup a breeze. Each of its smokeless fuel tablets store easily and conveniently inside the body of the pocket stove; simply put them in, close the stove and store it in your pocket or bug out bag. Simple!

Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum durability, this is one survival tool that can withstand the drops and abuse you put it through, and it will continue to work time and time again.

And, with no knobs, buttons or gears to push/turn, this may be the simplest stove you’ve ever cooked with! Just open the stove, light the fuel tablets inside, set your camping pot on top of the stove, and presto – you’ll have a hot, hearty meal in minutes.

Like I said, this is simply one survival tool you’ll never want to be without when SHTF (or on Christmas morning!) Grab this surprisingly powerful (and compact!) survival tool for your friends and family today by clicking here or on the image below.


The Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern is easily one of the coolest and most convenient survival tools out there for camping or bugging out.

First, this compact lantern is surprisingly unique, housing 10 super bright LED lights instead of a flame. This handy lantern will easily illuminate your campsite or bug out site with intense, room-filling light with just a flip of the switch. And, with no flame,  that means there’s no smoke and no fire hazards to worry about.

The Luci lantern is also 100% solar powered, meaning it never needs batteries to operate. Simply let it recharge by the power of the sun’s rays, and you’ll have 12 solid hours of long-lasting solar light to guide you home.

Plus, this powerful survival lantern retains a charge even after 3 years, ensuring that it’s ready to go no matter when SHTF.

This incredible light source is also inflatable , making it an incredibly lightweight addition to your camping gear or bug out bag (it weighs only 4 oz!).

Plus, it’s waterproof up to 3 ft – meaning if you accidentally drop it into a river or lake, its airtight seams will allow it to simply float along the current, undamaged.

With three different LED settings (Low, High, and Emergency Flash) you can ensure this lantern will help you survive in any survival situation. From lighting up your tent, to finding your way home through pitch black darkness, to signaling for help from rescue teams, this amazing lantern does it all.

If that weren’t enough, the Luci solar lantern also comes with a FREE set of our survival tips playing cards! You and your friends/family will enjoy hours of entertainment playing your favorite card games with this fun and unique survival deck.

Each playing card lists a different SHTF scenario on it, along with fun and informative tips on how to make it out alive in each situation. Not only do these survival cards help you prepare for any crisis that can occur, but it also tests your knowledge to see how well-prepared you are for an emergency!

Fun and informative, these survival playing cards are one of our customers’ favorites, and is also one of the best ways to stay prepared for anything.

This unbeatable combination is the perfect holiday gift for the camper/prepper in your life! Grab a few today by clicking here or on the image below.

best survival gifts


There’s few things more disheartening (and dangerous) than having a dead car battery in the wintertime  – especially when you’re stranded on the side of the road. And, if your cell phone is dead, your only options are to either flag someone down to help, or to wait shivering in your freezing vehicle until morning,

Survival Frog has your road-side safety as our number one priority – that’s why we want to introduce you to the super compact and incredibly powerful Pocket Jumper. And believe me – this incredible device is no ordinary set of jumper cables.

First of all, this survival tool’s insanely efficient power bank allows you to jump start a car 20 times off of a single charge. Pretty impressive, considering the entire system fits in the palm of your hand!

What about your dead cell phone? Well, this insanely handy power bank doubles as a backup power source for all your electronic devices, and can even boot up your cell phone four individual times on a single charge.

With a built-in LED flashlight, this versatile jump starter will even help you get rescued in the middle of the night! Use its three functions (Normal, Strobe, and SOS) to light your way and call for help if you get in a jam.

The Survival Frog Pocket Jumper is also surprisingly compact and lightweight. Unlike bulky jumper cables that weigh you down and can be a pain to maneuver, this lightweight gadget weighs just 8 oz. and is so compact it can fit in your pocket, glove box or bug out bag with ease.

Now that the weather’s getting colder, you’ll want your loved ones to be safe this winter – and that means being prepared for a dead car battery. Ensure your favorite preppers get home safe and sound this holiday season by gifting them this incredibly useful (and life-saving) survival tool.

Click here or on the image below to grab a few pocket jumpers for your friends and family today.

best survival gifts


Just imagine it: you’re stranded in the middle of the woods. You’ve been wandering through the wilderness for three straight days with no food, no water and nobody in sight to rescue you.

You see a few rivers and creeks, but you don’t have a pot or stove to boil the water in so that it’s drinkable. You’re growing faint from dehydration, and everything is becoming a blur…you know you need water, and you need it FAST if you expect to survive.

Had you been prepared, this situation could have been easily prevented; yet many preppers risk their own lives by not having the necessary water filtration methods to survive in an emergency situation.

Don’t allow your loved ones to end up in a crisis like this – instead, help them prevent dehydration in an emergency situation by gifting them the incredible and dependable LifeStraw Water Filter.

This mind-blowing water filter can be submerged into any water source (lakes, rivers, creeks, you name it) and provide you pure, clean, filtered water in mere seconds.

The secret to the LifeStraw’s success is its hollow fiber membrane technology, which eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, parasites, protozoan and fine particles from any water source, leaving clean, drinkable water for you to enjoy.

And, with its astounding ability to filter up to 264 gallons of water, this life-saving survival tool gives the user an entire year’s worth of pure drinking water!

This extraordinary survival tool is surprisingly simple to use; just submerge the bottom end of the LifeStraw into any water source, and drink out of the top just as you would a normal straw.

In seconds, you’ll be sipping fresh, bacteria-free water that’s as delicious and healthy as the water you’d buy from a store.

Made out of ABS plastic, the LifeStraw is incredibly durable; and, weighing at just 2 oz. and measuring a mere 8.8 inches long, you can easily pack this filter into your bug out bag or camping gear with minimal effort or weight.

Give your loved ones the gift of pure drinking water this season with the incredibly powerful LifeStraw water filter. This single invention can easily save your friends and family’s lives!

You don’t have a minute to waste. Click here or on the image below to get the LIfeStraw Water Filter right now.

best survival gifts


Our 1-Person Mess Kit is the ideal Christmas gift for the solo traveler in your life. And, thanks to its impressive array of survival tools, outdoor cooking for one has never been easier!

One of the best parts about this convenient, done-for-you solution is the versatility of the mess kit’s equipment. Each of the survival tools it contains is insanely useful, allowing you to boil water, cook survival food AND repair survival equipment in virtually any environment.

Our impressively versatile 1-Person Mess Kit includes the following:

  • Our top-rated Survival Frog Pocket Stove with Smokeless Fuel Tablets (perfect for cooking hot survival meals in minutes)
  • A Stainless Steel Camping Cup (built for boiling water, cooking survival food, holding hot beverages and storing small survival supplies)
  • A set of Weatherproof Matches (ideal for lighting the pocket stove or a campfire in ANY type of weather)
  • A P-38 Can Opener (safely and efficiently opens canned survival foods in seconds)
  • Our incredible Multi-Use Spork Survival Tool (acts as a fork, spoon, bottle opener, screwdriver, AND three different sized wrenches)

Each of these survival tools fits snugly inside the Stainless Steel Camping Cup, allowing for easy, convenient clean-up. And, weighing at only 8.7 oz., you’ll hardly notice you’re carrying so much awesome survival gear around in your pack!

As you can see, our 1-Person Mess Kit is packed with a huge array of useful survival gear, allowing the single traveler in your life to cook and eat survival food, consume safe drinking water, start a fire AND perform a variety of repairs, all in one useful, done-for-you kit.

Believe me, your prepper friends and family will LOVE traveling with this mess kit – after all, whether they’re camping, hiking, or bugging out there’s no better way to do some outdoor cooking in the great outdoors!

Click here or on the image below to pick up a 1-Person Mess Kit today for all the single travelers in your life.

best survival gear


The revolutionary TACT Bivvy provides you an astonishingly lightweight, waterproof, and toasty-warm sleeping bag that every prepper needs on their next camping/bug out trip.

Thanks to its ultra-thin mylar material, this surprisingly versatile sleeping bag is able to fold out to 7 feet in length (easily accommodating most every prepper out there), and yet easily fold up into a palm-sized stuff sack – making it an ideal survival tool for preppers on the move.

Not only is this emergency sleeping bag insanely lightweight (only 3.8 oz), but it’s also surprisingly strong. With completely taped seams and tear-resistant, windproof AND waterproof material, this incredible sleep sack provides a secure, protective barrier between you and the outside world.

Although everything about this survival sleeping bag is incredibly impressive, one of its most note-worthy aspects is its highly reflective mylar material. The mylar bounces your own body heat back to you while you sleep, allowing your body to raise its internal temperature by as much as 20°F!

The emergency sleeping bag’s distinctive bright orange color also makes it incredibly easy for rescue teams to find you if SHTF (which is an event that every prepper needs to prepare for).

Whether you use the TACT BIvvy by itself or use it as a sleeping bag liner for additional warmth, one thing is absolutely certain: this is hands down the best bivvy bag on the market for outdoor survival.

Don’t wait! Pick up a TACT Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag for each of your friends and family this holiday season. They’re going to love it!

best survival gifts


Our Aura Plus Digital Night Vision Monocular is by far one of the coolest, most impressive survival gifts of the holiday season!

This digital monocular is the survival gift to have if you’re looking to impress your friends and family. That’s because the monocular’s digital night vision technology allows you to take pictures, film video, AND see clearly into pitch black darkness…all at the same time.

One of the most impressive qualities about our Aura Plus monocular is its high-quality black and white LCD display. No longer do you need to settle for the greenish screen and intensifier tubes that come with older night vision models – now you can see perfectly into the night, and take crystal clear pictures and video with just a touch of your finger!

This impressive monocular can be used effectively in a variety of  circumstances, such as:

  • Nighttime hunting expeditions
  • Finding your way home when lost in the dark
  • Conducting home surveillance while remaining undetected
  • Traveling during an EMP or total blackout
  • Catching an intruder in the act. Take pictures and film video of a burglar entering onto your property, and show the footage in court as proof!
  • Plus so much more!

Not only is this impressive survival tool incredibly useful, but it’s also so compact that it can easily fit in the palm of your hand.

This night vision monocular is the perfect gift for your friends and family this Christmas; in fact, it’s so versatile and fun to use they’ll wonder how they ever got along without it!

We’re selling out of this product FAST over the holiday season – which means you’ll need to purchase a few of these for the preppers on your shopping list today before we’re out of stock!

Click here or on the image below to get your Aura Plus Digital Night Vision Monocular now.

best survival gear


The KAITO KA500 is easily one of the tiniest, most versatile, and most efficient survival radios on the market. It’s also one of the most critical survival tools any prepper can have in an emergency situation.

This portable radio was built for survival, allowing you to access AM/FM news stations – as well as emergency frequencies, such as all seven of the NOAA weather bands –  at the touch of a finger.

But that’s not all – this super powerful radio also contains a high-power LED flashlight, allowing you to see where you’re going in the dark while you listen for breaking news updates. It also contains a muted white light, perfect for reading as you listen for what’s up ahead.

Another incredible aspect of this emergency radio is its impressive versatility; not only will it give you crucial news and weather updates, but it also has the power to charge your cell phone and other USB devices!

One of the most important features of the KA500, however, is its five different charging options:

  1. A 180-degree rotating solar panel for solar charging
  2. A dynamo crank for simple hand charging
  3. A USB input for charging the AM / FM radio from a computer
  4. Optional battery charging with 3-AA batteries
  5. Wall charging with AC Adapter (purchased separately)

When SHTF your loved ones are going to need the latest information possible in order to prepare for what’s up ahead. Give them peace of mind with this incredibly efficient portable radio. Click here or on the image below to pick one up for the preppers in your life today.

best survival gifts


There is no better, more comprehensive survival kit your loved ones can own than our 2-Person 72-Hour Survival Kit.

This disaster kit is stocked to the brim with the most vital survival tools that two partners need to thrive in a crisis. And, with enough supplies to last for three whole days, this kit could easily save the lives of your friends and family in an emergency.

Our2-Person Emergency Kit provides two people a 72-hours’ supply of the following:

  • Survival Food Rations
  • Emergency Water Rations
  • Emergency Lighting Tools
  • Communication Tools
  • Emergency Shelter Supplies
  • Emergency Sanitation and Hygiene Supplies
  • Emergency First-Aid Supplies
  • Additional Survival Equipment

Each of these survival tools is bundled snugly into a red and white heavy duty survival backpack, allowing for easy portability.

This emergency kit was put together with input from the US Coast Guard, as well as the foremost leaders in the survivalist and preparedness industries, making it one of the most trusted survival kits on the market today.

Emergency situations can come up out of nowhere – and when that happens you need to be prepared with the best food, water, shelter, and survival tools to get through it.

Give your friends and family the gift of preparedness this holiday season with this incredibly comprehensive emergency kit. Click here or on the image below to pick yours up today.

best survival gifts


One of the best and most popular holiday gifts this Christmas season is our brand new Survival Frog Tactical Stocking! It’s the perfect holiday gift for the military/survival/tactical enthusiast in your family!

This holiday stocking is unlike anything you’ve ever seen – because it was made for survival. Each of its zippers, daisy chain attachments, rotating clip hangers and woven nylon loops were built to hold all your loved one’s compact survival gear, in addition to its main storage compartment.

With a comfortable handle and easy-to-use storage space, this survival stocking is the ideal holder for your loved one’s stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Best of all, this stocking can easily store plenty of compact survival gear, and it can even be used as an additional bug out bag in emergencies!

Made out of heavy duty nylon, this tactical stocking was built to last for years to come; and, even if it’s been stuffed to the brim with survival gear, you can bet that it still won’t get a single rip or tear (I mean, just look at the image below!).

Our survival stocking has become immensely popular with our military/survivalist customers, and it provides a fun and innovative twist on the traditional Christmas stocking that your prepper friends and family are sure to love.

There’s nothing like cozying up to a blazing fireplace, with the family’s tactical Christmas stockings hanging in a row. Make your family and friends’ dreams come true by giving them a Survival Frog Tactical Stocking this Christmas.

Click here or on the image below to snag yours!

best survival gifts


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