Things That Will Instantly Give Your Location Away When SHTF

give your location away

Bugging out is an important way to protect yourself and survive if SHTF; however, if you’re not careful, there are things you can do that can instantly give your location away to the wrong people.

Think about it – if you’re bugging out, you’re going to want to keep your whereabouts hidden (especially if you’ve brought your food preps and survival tools along with you). Keeping other parties informed of your location will make it that much easier for them to find you – and to do what is necessary to steal your preps.

You’ll also need to do everything you can to keep yourself unnoticed while traveling. You can’t risk being seen by the wrong people in an emergency.

Don’t get me wrong; prepping is an important part of survival, and can be great to do with friends, family and neighbors. However, in an emergency, you’ll need to be wary about what information you give away to people, and how much trust you allow them to have.

I don’t want to risk you being taken advantage of when SHTF (or to have harm come to you if your bug out location is spotted); that’s why I want to help you prepare by giving you some tips on:

Things That Will Instantly Give Your Location Away When SHTF

1 – Giving Away Too Much Information

Before a crisis occurs, it can be very easy for many preppers to brag about their food supply, their ammo/weapons, their chosen bug out location, and/or the survival tools they’ve collected to prepare for disaster. However, this can come back to bite them, especially when SHTF!

Once you tell your friends and neighbors about all your stock, you’ll likely be the first one they’ll follow when an emergency hits. You’ll also likely be the first person people steal from when the crisis hits. Do yourself a favor and be very vague about your prepping habits, and only mention it if asked.

2 – Standing Out

Whether the crisis has occurred or is yet to, your behavior and appearance need to match those of the people around you. This means that if everyone around you is wearing shorts, t-shirts and casual shoes, it isn’t wise to traipse around in your plethora of camo gear and your giant bug out bag. Neutral-colored, casual clothing is often best if you’re trying to be low-key. Just remember: less is more.

If people are all talking about similar topics, add to the conversation, but don’t try to show off your knowledge, skills, or abilities. The point is that if you look out of place (or sound like you know too much), you won’t blend in; if you don’t blend in, you are likely to arouse suspicion.

3 – Texting/E-mailing Photos

When you take a picture with your smartphone and text/e-mail it to another person, the photo may also contain precious info, such as the time/date it was taken, phone manufacturer and serial number, and even the GPS coordinates of where the picture was originally taken.

Now imagine that the photo is of your child, or your spouse. Now think of if the photo is of your bug out location. See how risky it can be when the photo is in the wrong hands? Think of the damage someone could do if they got ahold of that picture – they could easily find your location, or they could hurt/abduct the people you love most in the world.

The repercussions of this act are too dangerous to ignore.

The point is to err on the side of safety; protect your identity (and the identities of your loved ones), as much as possible.

4 – Posting To Social Media

Whether you’re in a SHTF situation or not, it is crucial that you do not post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. about your location. Do not say anything mentioning you’re going out of town, or where your bug out location is, and don’t “check in” anywhere.

Doing any of these things can allow an enemy to know in an instant where your location is. It also lets them know when you’re not at home – therefore allowing them the opportunity to go to your house and steal your preps.

Much like #3, it is best to err on the side of caution and keep your whereabouts to yourself.

5 – Doing Tasks In Broad Daylight

When preparing for a crisis (or when you’re already in one), you may find yourself needing to do various tasks, such as emptying out your car, cooking survival food, or driving to your bug out shelter or another location.

These are all seemingly harmless tasks, but you need to keep in mind the time of day you’re doing them in, and the amount of attention you’re attracting because of it.

For example, it’s often best to do these tasks in the dead of night (or in the rain), while most people are inside and/or asleep. Darkness will also help hide the food you’re eating or preps you’re taking out from the car, thus helping to prevent theft.

It’s also important to get the task done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more distractions you allow yourself to have along the way, the more likely people are to take notice of you. Subtlety is key.

When traveling to/from your bug out location, it’s also important to take a different route every time you travel. After all, if you take the same route every single day, an enemy could very easily catch on and immediately know where your location is.

6 – Wearing Bright Colors

Bright colors are great for if you’re looking to be found in a crisis; however, neutral and dark colors are best when you’re wanting to go unnoticed. Darker shades tend to camouflage better in surroundings, and are less easy to notice at night.

Also make sure to get dark/neutral colored bug out bags and survival gear. Since these will be worn on the outside of you, it’s important that they blend in. Need some more tips on how to dress for survival? See our blog on it here.

Here are some great examples you can use to help keep yourself hidden:

give away your location give away your locationgive your location awaygive your location awaygive your location awaygive your location awaygive your location awaygive your location awaygive your location away

7 – Traveling In The Daytime

Like I said in #5, it’s crucial that you time out your actions so that you can be under the cover of darkness, and thus be less likely to be seen by others.

However, many preppers would ask, “What about carrying a flashlight or headlamp? Won’t people see you walking around in the middle of the night?”

They’re absolutely right – subtlety and invisibility should be your main prerogatives, and therefore these concerns are absolutely valid. As such, it’s crucial to be able to travel comfortably at night without the use of light.

The best way to get around easily in darkness without being seen is with the Aura Plus Digital Night Vision Monocular.

This is one of the coolest survival tools we have; the monocular uses digital night vision – so rather than the blurry green screen and intensifier tubes that come with traditional night vision, this up-to-date technology allows you to see crystal clear in pitch black darkness thanks to its sharp black and white LCD display.

The Aura Plus is also miraculous because it allows you to easily take crisp, clear pictures AND video, even in the middle of the night. Here are some of the ways you can use this to your advantage (both before SHTF and afterward):

  • Conducting surveillance at home (or while camping) while remaining undetected
  • Nighttime hunting and fishing expeditions
  • Navigating a home in the event of home invasion
  • Getting around in the event of an EMP and total blackouts
  • Catching a burglar or intruder in the act. Take a video and show the footage as proof in court!

Like I said, before SHTF (and even after) you need to be able to keep your whereabouts to yourself – and also monitor the whereabouts of others as much as you can. Do all this and more with this incredible night vision survival tool. Get one for yourself here.

give your location away

I recognize that there are WAY more ways to keep yourself and your location hidden rather than just using the 7 tips above. That’s why I HIGHLY encourage you to watch the video below – this prepper has 14 additional ways that you can keep your whereabouts unknown. Check it out below:

If you watched the video above, you know that the number one giveaway that can lead enemies straight to your door is seeing the smoke from your fire. After all, a campfire is a surefire sign that someone is home.

Even if you put out your fire at the first sign of trouble, the enemy will still be able to smell the smoke from a distance.

My suggestion? If you want to be able to cook your survival food, but do so without drawing attention to yourself, you’ll want to use one of the smokeless cooking apparatuses below.

For example, our Survival Frog pocket stove heats up using our smokeless hexamine fuel tablets. This stove allows you to boil water and cook your survival food, all without smoke. These will help you get full and focused without drawing attention to yourself. See the pocket stove here and the smokeless hexamine fuel tablets here or by clicking their images below.

Another excellent method of cooking without drawing attention is by using our HydroHeat Flameless Cooking Bowl and Drink Tumbler. These crazy cool inventions don’t use fire to heat up, but rather their very own heat pouches, which cook your survival food and heat up your coffee, all without the use of smoke or flames.

You can see the Flameless Cooking Bowl here, and the Drink Tumbler here (or by clicking their respective images below).

When it comes to survival, you need to be able to keep yourself full and focused; however, you need to do so without the use of smoke and without making your whereabouts apparent to others. You can accomplish all this with the use of our incredible survival tools below. Grab them today before we sell out!

give your location away


give your location away


give your location away


give your location away



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