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  • David Adams Mar 2, 2018

    What to Pack in Your Car Survival Kit

    <h1>What to Pack in Your Car Survival Kit</h1>

    Being stranded in your car is one of the most likely survival scenarios you’ll face. Despite the technological advances in new cars, breakdowns are actually becoming more common. Today’s cars have a lot more features than older cars, so more things can go wrong with them. As a prepper, you need to realize that being… Read More

  • David Adams Nov 20, 2014

    How To Survive If Stranded In Your Car

    <h1>How To Survive If Stranded In Your Car</h1>

    Getting stranded In your car — It can happen to anyone so be prepared for it! Almost every winter, we read a story of someone who has taken a wrong turn somewhere and become stranded by winter weather. There seems to be an equal amount of happy endings as there are tragedies where someone dies…. Read More