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  • Survival Frog Mar 10, 2017

    How to Survive a Violent Protest or Riot

    <h1>How to Survive a Violent Protest or Riot</h1>

    Sad to say, but recent changes in our country have made it necessary for people to learn how to survive the chaos of a violent protest. Now, I firmly believe in every citizen’s right to protest and peacefully assemble, but the key word there is peacefully.  Most of the protests occurring these days are more… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jan 21, 2017

    How To Survive Civil Unrest, Looters & Riots When SHTF

    <h1>How To Survive Civil Unrest, Looters & Riots When SHTF</h1>

    If the last few years’ riots and protests have taught us anything, it’s that we MUST know how to survive civil unrest, looters, and riots once SHTF. You think the recent political protests and Ferguson riots were bad? Once a major nationwide (or worldwide) crisis occurs, these events are going to seem like a walk in… Read More

  • Survival Frog Dec 3, 2016

    10 Powerless Tools You’ll Need For EMP Survival

    <h1>10 Powerless Tools You’ll Need For EMP Survival</h1>

    EMP Survival is one of the most important emergencies to prepare for. Why? Because this catastrophic event has the potential to fry out every electronic device you have containing a circuit board, transformer, computer or microchip. That means vehicles, cell phones, tablets, computers, and even LED flashlights will be rendered useless during an EMP. Note: There… Read More

  • Survival Frog Nov 15, 2016

    33 Unexpected Places To Hide A Gun

    <h1>33 Unexpected Places To Hide A Gun</h1>

    You’re going to need to get crafty when it comes to protecting your assets in a crisis, and that means sure as shootin’ you’re going to have to find some unexpected places to hide a gun. You can bet in an emergency when push comes to shove, officials are going to be coming onto your property… Read More

  • Survival Frog Oct 13, 2016

    6 DIY Weapons For When SHTF

    <h1>6 DIY Weapons For When SHTF</h1>

    Well, it looks like the big SHTF situation we’ve been waiting for is about to hit, and I’m getting my DIY weapons ready. I mean, let’s face it; with this year’s election coming up we are on the cusp of a series of crises just waiting to strike. Who knows what we have in store once… Read More

  • Survival Frog Sep 19, 2016

    NAVY SEAL Tips On Urban EDC

    <h1>NAVY SEAL Tips On Urban EDC</h1>

    I completely trust our Navy SEALs to know how to survive in any situation – so why wouldn’t I follow their tips on urban EDC?! I mean, think about it – these men and women are some of our nation’s strongest and bravest. And they’ve been trained to handle anything that comes their way – both… Read More

  • Survival Frog Sep 15, 2016

    How to Make Your Own DIY Silencer

    <h1>How to Make Your Own DIY Silencer</h1>

    If you’re in a survival situation, you’re going to need to know how to make your own DIY silencer. Why? Because you don’t want to be giving your location away if you need to fire shots to hunt food or to defend yourself from an attack.   Note: Want to know more ways you can… Read More

  • Survival Frog Sep 13, 2016

    How To Survive A Mass Shooting

    <h1>How To Survive A Mass Shooting</h1>

    It’s imperative that you understand how to survive a mass shooting. Mass shootings have been occurring quite often in the past few years, and it doesn’t look like there’s anything that’s going to slow that down anytime soon. Common locations for mass shootings to occur are college campuses and universities; however, this situation can happen anywhere… Read More

  • Survival Frog Aug 11, 2016

    12 Ways To Stay Safe On College Campuses

    <h1>12 Ways To Stay Safe On College Campuses</h1>

      College can be a great time for making friends, pursuing dreams, and moving forward with life; however, it’s incredibly important now, more than ever, to know how to stay safe on college campuses. College shootings are more prevalent now than ever before, as are incidences of alcohol and drug abuse, rape, stalking, mugging, and stabbings…. Read More

  • Survival Frog Jul 29, 2016

    5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe From Hackers

    <h1>5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe From Hackers</h1>

    You don’t have to dig very deeply through the news to find the significant and terrifying impact that hackers have had on our society. They have infiltrated major companies’ security systems (LinkedIn, Target, Sony, Premera Blue Cross, and Anthem, just to name a few), costing them millions of dollars and forcing them to lose their shareholders’ trust…. Read More

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