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  • Survival Frog Apr 21, 2020

    Safety at Home – Prepare Your Home for Emergencies

    <h1>Safety at Home – Prepare Your Home for Emergencies</h1>

    Why should we prepare for emergencies? Should we bother to do so? Indeed, why should we? There are many reasons why we should take a step to prepare for emergencies swiftly. In fact, we should start preparing today. Who knew, for instance, that the Coronavirus would become such a big international emergency. Just a few… Read More

  • David Adams Mar 17, 2014

    Important Hurricane Safety Tips

    <h1>Important Hurricane Safety Tips</h1>

    Do you have hurricanes in your area? If so, knowing how to react and what to do in a hurricane could very well save you and your entire family’s life! If you happen to live in a spot where hurricanes occur quite often, you need to ensure you know about all of the evacuation routes… Read More