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  • Survival Frog Mar 29, 2016

    10 Benefits Of Dandelions

    <h1>10 Benefits Of Dandelions</h1>

    It’s hard to imagine that there could be any possible benefits of dandelions – after all,  just the sight of these weeds poking out of the lawn causes even the most experienced gardeners to grimace and immediately find a shovel to extricate them from their new home. But wait! Before you take another step toward that shovel, just read… Read More

  • Survival Frog Mar 18, 2016

    5 Key Tips For Growing Mint For Your Survival Garden

    <h1>5 Key Tips For Growing Mint For Your Survival Garden</h1>

    Are you growing mint for your survival garden? If not, you’ll want to start now. Doctors are finally realizing that popping pills isn’t always the solution for medial problems – not to survival and not to your general health. With more and more research being done they’re discovering that in many cases it’s  healthier, more cost-effective and incredibly… Read More

  • Survival Frog Feb 19, 2016

    Paleo Diet Is Perfect For Preppers

    <h1>Paleo Diet Is Perfect For Preppers</h1>

    The Simple Reasons The Paleo Diet Is Perfect For Preppers Adopting a new diet seems to be some of America’s favorite past times. Every single day people go on diets. Some people diet because they want to lose weight, others discover they have a food allergy and realize they have to change their diet so… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jan 11, 2016

    5 Reasons Sweet Potato Is a Perfect Survival Food

    <h1>5 Reasons Sweet Potato Is a Perfect Survival Food</h1>

    Believe It Or Not, Sweet Potato Is One of The Best Survival Foods A few weeks ago I asked thousands of you what you were most interested in. One of the top categories was survival food. That makes perfect sense. If SHTF then your normal supply of survival food will be completely disrupted…meaning you need to have… Read More

  • Survival Frog Dec 22, 2015

    11 Awesome Uses For Old Coffee Grounds

    <h1>11 Awesome Uses For Old Coffee Grounds</h1>

    The Unexpected and Awesome Uses For Old Coffee Grounds My guess is you’re probably like most Americans. You brew your coffee, filtered or unfiltered, and then when you’re all finished you take those grounds and throw them away in the trash. Well stop! Instead of throwing them away you can actually use them for all kinds… Read More

  • Survival Frog Oct 21, 2015

    How to Use Compost To Heat Your Home

    <h1>How to Use Compost To Heat Your Home</h1>

    Compost Is A Great Way To Get All Natural Heat When most people think about using food scraps, leftover animal poop, wood shavings, and other bio-degradable products for extra heat hardly any of them ever think about getting that heat from compost. That’s because many are much more familiar with the idea of burning biomass for… Read More

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