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  • Survival Frog Nov 8, 2017

    The Best Fuels For Fire, Heat and Travel

    <h1>The Best Fuels For Fire, Heat and Travel</h1>

    Whether you plan on bugging out or bugging in when SHTF, you’re going to need fire and heat. Most of us use electricity right now, but what will you do when the power goes out? You should have at least a couple backup fuel sources for emergencies, but you might not know which ones to… Read More

  • Survival Frog Oct 9, 2015

    Why Everyone (Prepper or Not) Needs Coconut Oil

    <h1>Why Everyone (Prepper or Not) Needs Coconut Oil</h1>

    Coconut Oil’s Surprising Health & Survival Benefits Depending on how savvy you are to the newest and trendiest foods you might have noticed people all across the country are starting to use a lot of this plant-based cooking oil. When compared to other vegetable oils like peanut oil and canola oil this tropically sourced cooking oil… Read More