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  • Survival Frog Feb 13, 2017

    Why Leather Belts Are Amazing Survival Tools

    <h1>Why Leather Belts Are Amazing Survival Tools</h1>

    Leather belts are good for way more than just holding your pants up, and they’re a must-have in a survival situation. These awesome survival tools can make your life WAY easier in a surprising amount of ways. Better yet, leather belts not only look great and can be worn as part of your everyday attire, but they’re also crazy easy… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jan 18, 2017

    23 Weird Survival Uses For Aluminum Foil

    <h1>23 Weird Survival Uses For Aluminum Foil</h1>

    Aluminum foil can be found in almost every kitchen across America, and yet there are LOTS of uses for aluminum foil most people aren’t aware of. These aren’t just your average kitchen uses either – each of the uses for aluminum foil I’m about to describe could easily help save your life in a survival situation. Whether… Read More

  • Survival Frog Jan 2, 2017

    14+ Simple But Useful Survival Uses For Plastic Grocery Bags

    <h1>14+ Simple But Useful Survival Uses For Plastic Grocery Bags</h1>

    You may figure the only real uses for plastic grocery bags is for carrying your produce and canned goods to your car (and perhaps for picking up dog poop). However, there are FAR more uses for these cheap plastic bags besides just that – especially if you’re in a survival situation. When SHTF you need stock up on… Read More

  • Survival Frog Dec 16, 2016

    6 Weird But Useful Survival Uses for Drinking Straws

    <h1>6 Weird But Useful Survival Uses for Drinking Straws</h1>

    I am truly blown away that there are so many survival uses for straws. Seriously, I thought these little plastic tubes were only worthy of blowing bubbles in a soda or sipping on some cold iced tea in the summertime. However, it turns out that drinking straws are actually very useful – so useful, in… Read More

  • Survival Frog Dec 3, 2016

    10 Powerless Tools You’ll Need For EMP Survival

    <h1>10 Powerless Tools You’ll Need For EMP Survival</h1>

    EMP Survival is one of the most important emergencies to prepare for. Why? Because this catastrophic event has the potential to fry out every electronic device you have containing a circuit board, transformer, computer or microchip. That means vehicles, cell phones, tablets, computers, and even LED flashlights will be rendered useless during an EMP. Note: There… Read More

  • Survival Frog Nov 10, 2016

    How To Speak Prepper

    <h1>How To Speak Prepper</h1>

    Sure, most of us know the meaning of acronyms like SHTF and TEOTWAWKI…but knowing those words alone doesn’t mean you can speak prepper. Why does knowing this secret language matter? Because when the world goes to hell in a handbasket, you’re going to need to know this prepper lingo in order to be able to… Read More

  • Survival Frog Nov 1, 2016

    Important Tips For Saving Survival Seeds

    <h1>Important Tips For Saving Survival Seeds</h1>

     Have you heard of the art of saving your survival seeds? If you haven’t, this is going to blow your mind. By simply purchasing the organic fruits and vegetables you already like to eat, and then saving the seeds that are inside them, you can begin accumulating seeds for your very own survival garden. Think… Read More

  • Survival Frog Oct 13, 2016

    6 DIY Weapons For When SHTF

    <h1>6 DIY Weapons For When SHTF</h1>

    Well, it looks like the big SHTF situation we’ve been waiting for is about to hit, and I’m getting my DIY weapons ready. I mean, let’s face it; with this year’s election coming up we are on the cusp of a series of crises just waiting to strike. Who knows what we have in store once… Read More

  • Survival Frog Sep 26, 2016

    20+ Survival Uses For Bobby Pins

    <h1>20+ Survival Uses For Bobby Pins</h1>

    My mind is officially blown – turns out there’s TONS of survival uses for bobby pins.  This is a huge surprise to me – after all, I never used bobby pins growing up. After all, that was a woman’s item, and one that I never had experience with. However, turns out these little pieces of… Read More

  • Survival Frog Sep 19, 2016

    NAVY SEAL Tips On Urban EDC

    <h1>NAVY SEAL Tips On Urban EDC</h1>

    I completely trust our Navy SEALs to know how to survive in any situation – so why wouldn’t I follow their tips on urban EDC?! I mean, think about it – these men and women are some of our nation’s strongest and bravest. And they’ve been trained to handle anything that comes their way – both… Read More

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