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  • Survival Frog Oct 7, 2017

    24 Of The Best Survival Tips From “Survivorman” Les Stroud

    <h1>24 Of The Best Survival Tips From “Survivorman” Les Stroud</h1>

    Today, I’m going to share 24 of Les Stroud’s best survival tips with you. Les Stroud was more than just the star of the popular TV show “Survivorman.” He was the real deal who knew what he was doing and actually followed his own advice. Les Stroud Survival Tip #1: You can create an easy… Read More

  • David Adams Aug 12, 2014

    3 Crucial Bushcraft Skills For Preppers

    <h1>3 Crucial Bushcraft Skills For Preppers</h1>

    No matter your level of bushcraft skills, there is always something new to learn. Native populations had many skills but were much more isolated than we are today. Some may have developed skills that others even nearby may never have learned. Sharing skills and the way we do things can help everyone be a better prepper…. Read More